Non-obvious ways to communicate with customers of online stores

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    Maintaining communication with clients using all the variety of messengers, mailers and built-in chats on the site is a task that sometimes even a whole department of managers simply cannot do. Simply put, the dispersion of attention between all methods of communication leads to the fact that not a single dialogue is worked out 100% – they forgot somewhere, missed something, and other problems of tired salespeople were not noticed.

    And also, let’s not forget that most of them also confirm sales by phone (that is, everything does not end with correspondence!). Such a load contributes to the rapid burnout of the team, frequent employee changes and the endless learning process that falls on the shoulders of the business owner or sales manager.

    Is there a way out of this vicious circle? Of course there is, and this is a messenger aggregator.

    A messenger aggregator is a program that can combine all your accounts for communication in one window.

    Most often, entrepreneurs choose not to pay separately for the aggregator, but to receive its functionality already inside the sales management system. These systems include CRM-systems with a full range of capabilities. Let’s consider this approach in more detail.

    Агрегатор мессенджеров

    Messenger aggregator in CRM system

    If even 10 years ago the CRM system simply stored customer data cards, now managers can communicate with potential customers from Instagram, Viber, Telegram and emails right in its window. Regardless of how many accounts the company has, all of them can and should be connected so as not to lose customer orders.

    Receiving messages in the system chat occurs without delay, and the manager has all the necessary technical capabilities to process it:

    • put a reaction – for example, the usual Instagram hearts for messages or thumbs up in Telegram,
    • reply with text or record an extended audio message,
    • attach a video to show the product live,
    • add photo TTN sending,
    • and even just use emoticons 🙂

    But will the store be blocked for a third-party application?

    It all depends on which messenger aggregator you choose.

    By connecting your business to a large CRM system, such as KeyCRM, you can be sure that you are working with a certified Instagram partner. You can easily check this point – the system will not ask you to enter your login and password in the CRM window. You will be redirected to the Facebook page as the owner of Instagram, and after confirming the data, they are automatically transferred to CRM.

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