Slogan of Ukraine: History and modernity

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    Slogans and unofficial mottos serve as powerful expressions of national spirit and identity around the world, effectively encapsulating the deep aspirations of peoples for freedom, unity and independence.

    What is a slogan?

    A slogan is a short expression or phrase that is used to express the identity, goals or ideals of an organization, movement, brand or personality. It is designed to be easy to remember and is often motivational or inspirational in nature, aimed at uniting people around a specific idea or encouraging them to take action.

    Both historical and modern, these catchphrases become leitmotifs of national movements, outraged the hearts and minds of people. For example, the Irish “Éirinn go Brách” (“Ireland forever”) reflects love and devotion to the native land, while the French “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” (“Liberty, equality, brotherhood”) is the embodiment of the ideals of the French Revolution that formed the basis modern democracy

    In Ukraine, the slogan “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!” was a symbol of the invincibility of the spirit and the desire for independence, especially during the events of Russian aggression. But there are other statements that reflect the centuries-old struggle of Ukrainians for their right to self-determination and freedom. Regardless of whether these slogans were formulated a century ago or whether they appeared today, they reflect the unconquered spirit of the Ukrainian people. These phrases become a collective expression of national identity that unites all Ukrainians, resound in every corner of the country and strengthen its spiritual unity.

    The meaning of the slogan for Ukraine

    “Glory to Ukraine”

    The slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” and the answer “Glory to the heroes!” originated during the Ukrainian national liberation movement of the 20th century and became widely known thanks to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), which fought for the independence of Ukraine from the Soviet and Nazi occupations. This slogan symbolizes the indestructible will of the Ukrainian people to fight for their statehood and freedom. Over time, “Glory to Ukraine!” became a national expression of patriotism and unity, especially during the Revolution of Dignity in 2013-2014, when millions of Ukrainians took to the squares of their cities to demand democratic change.

    “Heroes don’t die”

    This phrase is a continuation of the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” and serves as a reminder that the memory of the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the ideals of will and independence will live forever in the hearts of Ukrainians. “Heroes don’t die” became especially resonant during the events on Maidan, where peaceful protesters became victims of sniper shots. The slogan became a symbol of the memory of the “Heavenly Hundred” – heroes who gave their lives for the future of Ukraine.

    “Long live free Ukraine”

    The slogan “Long live a free Ukraine” embodies the centuries-old aspirations of the Ukrainian people to create an independent, sovereign state where the rights and freedoms of citizens will be unshakable. This expression finds its roots in the centuries-old history of the struggle of Ukrainians for their own identity and statehood.

    One of the key events confirming these aspirations is the proclamation of the First Universal of the Ukrainian Central Council (UCR) in 1917. This document, signed by the head of the UCR, Mikhail Grushevsky, declared the autonomy of Ukraine within Russia. Although the First Universal did not yet declare full independence, it was an important step towards self-determination of the Ukrainian people, laying the foundation for further declarations of independence.

    The slogan “Long live a free Ukraine” reflects not only the historical desire of Ukrainians to create their own state, but also the modern vision of Ukraine as an independent, democratic country where every citizen can freely express their thoughts and enjoy fundamental rights and freedoms. This slogan continues to inspire Ukrainians to fight for their rights, sovereignty and the future of their country.

    “Our Father Bandera”

    The slogan “Our Father Bandera” reflects the deep respect and respect of a part of the Ukrainian people for the figure of Stepan Bandera, an outstanding figure in the Ukrainian national liberation movement of the mid-20th century. Stepan Bandera became a symbol of defiance and the struggle for Ukrainian independence, especially in the context of opposition to Soviet occupation and German Nazism during World War II.

    Although the figure of Bandera is the subject of controversy and different perceptions, for many Ukrainians he remains a hero who sacrificed his life for the idea of a free Ukraine. “Our Father Bandera” not only honors the memory of Bandera, but also symbolizes an unshakable belief in the possibility of creating a sovereign and self-sufficient Ukrainian state.

    This slogan became especially widespread during the Revolution of Dignity and during wartime, when Ukraine again became the object of external aggression. The use of this expression during mass gatherings, rallies and social media emphasizes the importance of historical memory and dedication to the idea of independence.

    Given the complexity of the historical context, the slogan “Our Father Bandera” evokes mixed reactions both in Ukraine and abroad. However, he remains one of the most striking examples of how historical figures and their ideals continue to influence modern processes of formation of national identity and self-awareness.

    Slogans of Ukraine in the global context

    Ukrainian slogans such as “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!”, “Heroes do not die,” “Long live a free Ukraine” and “Our Father Bandera” play an important role not only in the formation of national identity, but also in representing Ukraine internationally levels. These slogans, which originated in the maelstrom of historical events, today act as symbols of the courage and unyielding will of the Ukrainian people to fight for their rights and freedom.

    In the international arena, these slogans have become an expression of broad support for Ukraine, demonstrating unity and solidarity with the Ukrainian people in their quest for independence and defense of democratic values. They are heard at international rallies, public events and social media, drawing attention to Ukraine’s struggle and mobilizing global support.

    In addition, Ukrainian slogans contribute to the consolidation of the international community around Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of supporting its sovereignty and territorial integrity. They strengthen international diplomacy and contribute to the formation of state policies to support Ukraine, speaking out against aggression and violations of international law.

    Thus, Ukrainian slogans not only reflect the historical and cultural context, but play a key role in modern processes of international support and interaction. They have become part of a global discourse that strengthens Ukraine’s ties with the international community and emphasizes its role in the struggle for freedom and democracy on the world stage.

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