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    What is the main goal of any online store? Extraction of commercial profit! How to achieve this in the World Wide Web? Only by using competent marketing of the online store. No matter how high-quality and cheap your goods or services are, the target audience will never know about them if the site does not appear in the TOP of search results.

    Проверить перед пуском интернет магазин

    In real life, a person has a chance to stumble upon an interesting and not advertised “point”. In the virtual world, this is practically impossible.

    Marketing promotion of online stores (the term “digital marketing” is also often used) is a complex event. And its effectiveness directly depends on the quantity and quality of the methods used.

    The main components of integrated marketing for an online store

    • Search promotion or SEO promotion. This method works well if the potential customer is already familiar with the goods or services you sell. Those. the user knows exactly which phrases to enter in the search box. This method is the most versatile and gives long-term results, since it is based not on advertising, but on site optimization in accordance with keywords and phrases. With proper implementation, the resource will always be in high positions in search results. The only serious disadvantage is the long promotion time and increased requirements for the professionalism of the performer.
    • Contextual advertising. Small text ads are placed in search engines (Google, Yandex, Mail.ru) or on their partner sites. When a user enters a query that matches an ad, it is shown over organic results. The main advantages are a quick effect and the possibility of regional filtering. Disadvantages – the high cost and the negative attitude of “ad blockers” in browsers.
    • Media advertising. This is a more advanced version of contextual advertising that includes a media component, such as a brand logo. In the simplest case, a media-context banner is made that allows you to visually distinguish your ad from competitors. The service costs a little more, the advantages and disadvantages are similar to the previous technology.
    • Promotion through marketplaces. For the convenience of users, many search engines and individual commercial organizations create aggregating sites (Yandex Market, Price.ua or Torg.Mail.ru). Users treat them with a high degree of trust, apart from explicit advertising. Payment can be charged either when you go to the website of the online store, or for the very fact of the presence of its goods in the database.
    • Content marketing. This method is effective if there is no information about your product or service yet, or the operation of the online store is limited to a specific region. For example, detailed promotional information about a new baby food should be posted on the mom forums, and a city forum might be useful to advertise a good price offer for a product you brought to your local branch of the store.
    • SMM and targeted advertising in social networks. A method based on promotion in social networks, the effectiveness of which is increasing every year. SMM is an opportunity to reach the closest possible contact with the target audience. The main thing is to fill your page on social networks with live (unique) useful information and do not forget about targeted advertising so that as many potential Clients as possible see your content. This way you will increase brand awareness and sales.
    • Email marketing. The oldest promotion method with 20 years of history. Its main advantage is its huge coverage (tens of millions of boxes). On the other hand, it is very difficult to make this tool work effectively – regular spam and mailing lists will not help. You need to take into account modern trends – a focus on mobile devices, maximum personalization, interactive letters, email microsites, etc.

    Varieties of SEO promotion

    This method should be considered in more detail. The fact is that an online store without SEO is nonsense! Without search engine optimization, long-term success is unrealistic. When using SEO promotion, it is important not to make a mistake in choosing the “promotion” method. Consider the most effective options in order of increasing cost.

    • Pay per click (PPC). Payment is made only when you go to the site of your online store for queries from the organic search engine results. Transitions are counted by an independent statistics system. This is a convenient option for stores selling seasonal goods – fewer clicks in the off-season, therefore, lower payment.
    • Promotion by traffic and positions. The peculiarity of the method lies in the fact that SEO optimization for an online store in this case focuses on low-frequency queries. This requires a deeper analysis of the client’s business to form a broad semantic core. But as a result, the customer receives not just random, but targeted traffic from visitors who are looking for a specific product.
    • Lead promotion. The most expensive and most effective method of search promotion. The customer pays only for the real actions of the visitor, leading to profit – transferring money, placing an order, making a phone call, etc. The cost of such a service is formed individually.

    Promotion strategy

    The business development of an online store should always be based on an understanding of the basic principles of the functioning of the market. The Internet is the most difficult market environment to analyze, living according to unique laws that tend to be constantly modified.

    Unlike the physical world, the strategy for promoting an online store on the Web must take into account a number of specific nuances.

    • Multichannel. Advertising information on the Web reaches the client through several channels simultaneously (search engines, e-mails, news portals, banners and ads on websites, information on forums and blogs, viral advertising). These streams can be successfully used in parallel to achieve a cumulative effect.
    • Speed. The consequences of any marketing activity on the Internet come very quickly, sometimes within hours or minutes. Those. A skillfully crafted information occasion can bring a fresh wave of customers literally the next day.
    • Socialization. The level of communication on the Web is growing rapidly. A huge web of social networks, blogs, forums, instant messaging and chat services allows people to share the information they find among themselves. On the one hand, this increases the effectiveness of advertising, but on the other hand, it can cause a rapid decline in the company’s reputation in the event of a miscalculation.

    The development of a website promotion strategy should be carried out at the planning stage, even before the creation of the primary design layout. This approach will allow not only to ensure the maximum compliance of the resource with the company’s commercial topics, but also help to significantly reduce the cost of its promotion. We list the main stages of strategic planning for website promotion.

    • Marketing analysis. What product do we promote, and under what conditions. To do this, it is necessary to conduct a number of studies:
        • determine what exceptional competitive advantages the promoted product or service has;
        • analyze industry affiliation, determine the size of the market and the degree of its competitiveness;
        • to formulate the main requirements for a promoted product or benefit by a potential consumer;
        • The highest level of congruence of the price and quality of products with the current market realities;
        • list the main groups of infection by commercial segments and identify their infections and associations of parties;
        • identify possible transactions and increase the risks in the market.
    • Analysis of television surveillance. The purpose of the study is to determine the exact portrait of the prospective client. Created:
        • how well the target audience is represented on the Internet;
        • what is its demographic and gender and age composition, as well as income level;
        • some information resources prefer to use our potential client.
    • Choice of promotion methods. Based on the data obtained from the analysis of the company, its products and views views, one or more marketing methods are identified. For an online store, traffic is most often used SEO promotion with the situational use of auxiliary tools – contextual advertising, SMM, content marketing, promotion on trading floors, email newsletters, etc.

    Online store promotion analytics

    How do you know if your marketing strategy is working effectively? Use informative tools to analyze website promotion.

    • Collection of data about visitors, phrase frequencies and transitions. Comprehensive information can be obtained from the free Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica services (on the site with special “counters”);
    • Tools for searching and determining the validity of words. Here you can highlight the free online services Yandex Wordstat and the Google AdWords keyword tool, as well as large commercial packages – KeyCollector, Serpstat.
    • Site position monitoring tools. Special software allows you to keep positions in search engines and security reports. The conditional assignment includes the programs Allpositions and SeoLib, and the paid tools SeRanking and the professional service Serpstat.
    • External link analysis tools. Only paid products are effective here, since the database needs to be constantly updated. Among these services, we highlight Ahrefs, Open Site Explorer and MajesticSEO.
    • Tools for resource analysis. They help to determine the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the traffic of other stores. In particular, there are often phrases that they store in search engines, features of using contextual advertising, etc. There are both commercial services (SemRush or Advse) and free services (Alexa).
    • Tools for determining the site quality index (QI), page (domain) rank according to Ahrefs (AR) and other site metrics. They are usually included with all major companies, but are offered separately as convenient and customizable apps for apps.
    • Tools for technical audit. They check the literacy and optimize the HTML code, analyze the link structure of the site, test speed characteristics, etc. e. Vivid examples are WebSite Auditor, Netpeak Spider and Screaming Frog SEO Spider.
    • Tools for consumption analysis. They allow you to comprehensively study texts for uniqueness, literacy, “spaminess” and the degree of search accuracy. The most advanced tools reveal the share of “stop words”, the variance of sentence lengths, the correctness of the distribution of keys, the relevance and even the “humanity” of the content.
    • Tools for analyzing “updates” of search engines. Allow likely changes in the issuance with a frequency of up to a minute and notify of meetings with them, including SMS messages. Among the free services, we mention SeoLib and Promosite.

    Online store marketing, where to start

    Must have the knowledge that is required for everyone involved in the promotion of an online store:

    1. Features of Internet Marketing for an Online Store

    1. Checklist when starting an online store.

    Useful programs for owners of online stores

    1. Datacol is a parser for collecting information from websites and quickly downloading a list of products from an online store.
    2. The online store is provided with many promotional tools, but we will consider 12 services to increase sales. Find out if you’re making the most of your store.

    Price aggregators

    A price aggregator is an online resource that collects price lists of online stores (sometimes retail stores), and then provides users with comparative information on prices and availability. Basically, the audience of such resources is people who are at the final stage of the purchase. After reviewing the characteristics and price offers, they go to the online store to get acquainted with the options for payment, delivery, etc.

    Copywriting for an online store

    Do you want to know what should be the text on each page of the site, how to make it sell, what are the chips to attract users? This presentation is your faithful assistant.

    Online store marketing. Essential eCommerce Metrics

    • Average check
    • Conversion rate
    • Interruption ratio
    • New subscribers and registrations
    • Customer loyalty

    These and other metrics are important for online stores. Therefore, watch the presentation and video about analytics in Internet marketing in more detail.



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