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    The most important thing in any business is the ability to sell your product or service. In our modern world, medicine is no exception. The abundance of private clinics, drugs, services creates unprecedented competition. To win, business owners are increasingly turning to copywriters with a request to create high-quality medical slogans.

    слоганы "длянос", "длярот"Experienced creatives use the basic rules for composing text. This also applies to medical slogans. Let’s take a closer look at some of the techniques they use:

    • With Immunorm – health is normal”, “Prostamol – just be a man” – the consonance technique is perfectly used, where part of the name of the drug coincides with the elements of the words.
    • There is a hurricane in the stomach – take Espumizan!”, “Mezim is indispensable for the stomach!” – these medical slogans are an example of the use of such an artistic technique as rhyme (by the way, the most popular and beloved among domestic copywriters).
    • Source of Health” (mineral water “Narzan”), “Dry Victory!” (remedy for excessive sweating DRYDRY) – in this case, the creators made good use of the ambiguity of expressions.
    • ABSOLUTE quality” (dental clinic “Absolute”), “Focus attention!” (eye lenses “Focus”) – medical slogans in which the brand name is part of a word. Here, copywriters used the so-called “matryoshka words”.
    • Seven troubles – one answer!” (cold medicine “Coldrex”), “Mosquito will not undermine the nose” (mosquito bite remedy “Autan”) – a good technique for using phraseological units as slogans. First of all, they are always at the forefront. And secondly, certainly no one will sue for plagiarism 🙂

    Here are just a few good examples of using basic slogan writing techniques.

    медицинские слоганы, плакат

    However, it is not uncommon for the heads of medical companies to be very greedy and arrogant. Why am I? And to the fact that many refuse the services of professional copywriters and marketers, believing that this is “money down the drain”. Then they sharpen the pencil and write the slogans themselves. It turns out pretty good. Unless, of course, the task is to make people laugh. Judge for yourself:

    • We are not the best – We are one of the best” (Am-Dental) – I personally agree with the first part of the slogan. 😉
    • Let’s not let each other die in the beauty salons ‘Charm’” – but this is more suitable for a Tarantino-style feature film than a beauty salon 🙂
    • Your ass is smiling” (Sudokrem) – people with a good imagination will never be the same now 🙂
    • There will be no sex when you are completely bald!” (Hair restoration clinic) – sorry. Now Bruce Willis has no chance at all 🙁
    • A crisis? Get busy – give birth to a child! (Perinatal Medical Center) – well, right. And what else to do – the crisis is! 🙂

    As you understand, medical slogans have their own specifics and in order not to “get into trouble”, trust their compilation to professionals. After all, the main task is not to impress a potential client, but to remember the name of your brand or institution. Be healthy!

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    Author: Dmitro Tunkov

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