Youth style from Bershka

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    The Indetex group of companies owns many fashion brands, among them the Spanish retail brand Bershka with a wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories for young people. The target consumers of Bershka clothing are both teenagers and young adults, because they closely follow the latest fashion trends and want to have relevant and original items in their wardrobe. Therefore, they are interested in the question of how to order stylish items selected from the store’s catalog from Bershka to Ukraine.

    В чем уникальность бренда Бершка?

    What is unique about the Bershka brand?

    Among the brands of one group, you need to stand out with creative ideas, and the desire of many young people to buy Bershka proves that the style of this brand was noticed and appreciated. The main aspects of this brand are:

    • diversity of youth experimental design;
    • affordability of prices that are attractive to young buyers;
    • comfort and convenience in things;
    • response to trends in current collections;
    • breadth of assortment: from street fashion and sports elements to classic elegant models.

    If you want to buy clothes of high quality, stylish, but at the same time inexpensive, you should look at the catalog from Bershka.

    How to order selected items from Bershki to Ukraine?

    Does Bershka work in Ukraine? You can quickly and easily order stylish items from the Bershka brand online, because there is a convenient platform for the delivery service Meest Shopping. You need to register and start choosing products in a foreign online store. At the same time, services for transportation and transfer of purchases into the hands of the consumer in any city of Ukraine (Kyiv, Lvov, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Dnepr, Kharkov) will be provided by internal logistics operators.

    Interesting design features in the latest collection

    Looking stylish and being trendy are the deepest desires of teenagers.

    The brand is known for its variety of materials. Often uses synthetic fabrics (polyester, viscose, elastane) and thereby creates durable clothing that is affordable. The comfort of everyday items is felt thanks to cotton and viscose, and style is displayed when using eco-leather and leatherette.

    Designer non-standard solutions of modern models correspond to the latest trends in youth fashion:

    • elements of street graffiti (logos, prints and applications);
    • experiments with asymmetry, shapes, cutouts;
    • a combination of unusual shades and the presence of rich colors;
    • sporty style and street art in stripes, elastic cuffs.

    The wide range of fashionable and stylish items changes radically every season, which fuels consumer interest.

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