Boost likes and followers on Tik Tok: TOP of the best free and paid services

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    As in other social networks, in Tik Tok, the popularity of an account depends on the number of video views, likes received, comments left, and subscribers. Increasing these indicators significantly accelerates the development of business projects and leads to an increase in potential customers who are ready to use your services or order goods. Therefore, in the early stages of channel development, many SMM specialists have a natural question: “how to wind up subscribers on Tik Tok?”.

    And here the administration of the social network shows significant loyalty, since for an artificial increase in the number of visitors you will not be temporarily banned, blocked or completely deleted from your account.

    The main advantages of cheating on TikTok

    Before choosing the most suitable promotion method and service for increasing profile activity, it is advisable to know what indicators affect the successful development of business and entertainment accounts on the social network.

    So, increasing the number of subscribers will improve the following characteristics.

    • Likes. They signal the quality of the content on your profile. Their promotion has a positive effect on development at the first stages of account promotion and allows the video to get into recommendations faster. The second positive feature is the attraction of additional viewers to the channel.
    • Content views. Another indicator that accelerates the entry of videos into the TOP-list recommended by the service.
    • Reposts. The more times your video is recommended by TikTok users to their friends, the faster it will be possible to increase the reach of the channel.
    • Comments. Raising ratings and increasing the number of subscribers can be achieved by involving a potential audience in the discussion of a particular content.

    Cheat subscribers in Tik-Tok: what are the ways

    To increase the number of views, subscribers and likes, you can use automatic or manual methods. The second category of methods does not require financial costs, but involves time. What can be done:

    • add hashtags to every video uploaded to your channel. For one publication, it is allowed to select up to 15 keywords that will draw the attention of the target audience to your channel;
    • choose channels similar in subject matter and offer their owners mutual PR. You will have to go to each account and like publications or subscribe. So you can attract a certain number of followers;
    • choose only popular music as the soundtrack for your videos. Each track used on TikTok has statistics, by opening which, the user can view all the videos with this track. Trending compositions always remain in the first places of views.

    So, it’s up to you to decide how to get likes on TikTok – for a long time, but without spending money, or to achieve the predicted result effectively and in the shortest possible time and get feedback from the target audience.

    TOP services for promotion in TikTok

    Currently, you can choose the appropriate technique using paid and free tools. What resources should you look at first?

    ToTop Tool


    TopTool. You can read a detailed review of this service in the article “A program for mass following and mass liking in Tik-Tok”. Here you can learn more about the most relevant programs and services of mass following and mass liking in Tik Tok. For example, choose ToTop Tool. This is a sought-after mass promotion tool that simulates a visit to your account using a virtual mobile device. You just need to download and install the program on your smartphone, and then add the promoted channel to it. ToTop Tool can automatically create new accounts that are used as target audience parsers. The project system makes it possible to automate the processes of buying subscribers on TikTok, doing it almost for free and at any time convenient for you.


    сервис для быстрого и качественного продвижения Тик Ток

    Tikstar is a service for fast and high-quality promotion of Tik Tok.

    Price: 989 rub/month

    Trial period: 3 days free


    TikStar is one of the most popular mass following and mass liking services on Tik Tok.

    Read more “How to gain followers on TikTok? TikStar service review”



    The site is positioned as a resource for free increase in the number of likes and subscribers. To do this, you need to register on TikTopFree and start performing simple online tasks – watching videos, subscribing and sending likes to other users. For this, you are awarded coins that can be spent on promoting your channel. An alternative way is automatic promotion from TikTopFree. To do this, you need to replenish your balance in your personal account and order paid promotion services.



    A service for quickly boosting likes on Tik Tok, which does not provide its services for free. There are 5 billing options and a wide list of social networks that VkTarget works with. You can pay for the order immediately after registration or earn money by completing tasks.



    Smoservice. A powerful resource for promoting your Tik Tok channel, working with an increase in the number of subscribers, likes and views. The resource is paid and provides a wide range of filters that allows you to define the target audience as much as possible. Based on your choice, Smoservice marketers will do analytics and take all the necessary actions within 3 days.

    TikTok promotion services that have closed



    Instadrom is an Android service for promoting and promoting your Tik Tok account.

    Price: from $9.9/month

    Trial period: 1 day


    • Auto subscription
    • Auto likes
    • Auto comments
    • Auto unsubscribe


    • You do not need to enter a password for your TikTok account.
    • All work is built on an android application that automates all processes right on the phone, imitating the behavior of a real person
    • Uses artificial intelligence technology
    • Work with an unlimited number of accounts.
    • You can also promote your Instagram account



    Meet another service for automatic mass following and increasing the number of subscribers, views, likes. Tokker has managed to establish itself on the positive side, working with the accounts of 500 million customers. You can try the service for free to evaluate all its advantages for 3 days. You will have access to tools such as auto-like to attract the attention of the audience, automatic following of other users’ accounts so that they can follow yours in response, and liking comments.

    A detailed review of the service in the article “TikTok: how to promote yourself and your business in a new hype social network?”



    Tiktopus. Another tool for mass liking and following. For registered users, a 3-day free period is available, after which you can connect your account for promotion for 700 rubles per month. It will be enough for you to specify the preferred parameters of the target audience, after which the service itself will find all users, subscribe to their accounts and like thematic videos. Conversion rates in bulk subscriptions are up to 30%, providing a daily increase in the performance of your channel.

    Read more review “TikTopus – a cloud service for automatic promotion of TikTok accounts”


    Automatic promotion services in Tik Tok are a good marketing tool, tested by millions of users and proven to be highly effective. It is only recommended to use some useful tips to reduce financial costs:

    • do not use several services at the same time;
    • regularly add new high quality videos to your channel;
    • do not forget about proven methods – participate in challenges, comment on top publications, shoot duets with leading bloggers.


    How to get followers on Tik Tok?

    There are various strategies you can use to get followers on TikTok. For example, create high-quality and engaging content that your audience will be interested in. Interact with other users, comment on their videos, like and reply to comments. Use popular hashtags. In addition, you can use specialized services to get followers on TikTok, such as “TikTok Booster” and “TikTokViral”.

    How to get followers on Tik Tok for free?

    If you want to get followers on TikTok for free, then you can turn to organic methods. Ask your friends and family to follow you on TikTok. Actively participate in TikTok communities, comment and interact with other users. Run contests, sweepstakes or collaborate with other popular users. All this will help to attract new subscribers at no additional cost.

    How to get views on Tik Tok?

    In order to get views on TikTok, it is important to create interesting content that will grab the attention of users and make them watch your video. Use popular hashtags, actively interact with other users, leave comments and likes, which can attract more views to your page. There are also dedicated TikTok view boost services that offer the ability to increase the number of views on your videos.

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