Congratulations on February 14 (original and beautiful congratulations on Valentine’s Day for a loved one)

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    I want to talk about what congratulations on February 14 we choose for our loved ones. Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day has many beautiful stories about the origin of the holiday. The topic is covered in full. Today we will focus on specific examples of what original and beautiful congratulations on February 14 you can invent for your loved one.

    Поздравления с 14 февраля

    Congratulations on February 14th. romantic hedgehog

    Poetic congratulations on February 14

    So, option one. Write a poem. To be honest, the banal quatrains torn from the Internet are disappointing. Show your individuality, even if it turns out to be a little stupid and funny rhyme, something like “I can’t speak in rhyme.” For any person with the slightest sense of humor, he will cause only pleasant emotions, and then he will be quoted in the right place and out of place.

    Point two. Tautogram. This is text in which all words begin with the same letter. For example,

    Chronicle of love

    The moonbeam pours medicinal lightness.
    The feverish babble of the azure cherishes the love delicacy.
    I caress the curls of my beloved with my palm.
    I love lyrically.

    I propose to beat the name of a loved one, i.e. if his name is Rodion / Raisa, all words must begin with the letter R.

    Third. Acroverse. A verse in which a word is obtained from the first letters of the lines. For example,

    Love me forever!
    Oll time we will be together
    Waltz of the dawn of the night.
    Empty your hearts
    drink to our LOVE.

    Fourth. There are also various poetic bells and whistles, for example, an alphabetic verse, when each line begins with a letter of the alphabet in order. Televerse – lines end with the letter from which the word is derived. There are many other unusual forms. Choose.

    Поздравления с 14 февраля

    Congratulations on February 14th. hedgehogs in love

    Congratulations on February 14 in prose

    And now for the prose. In fact, here, too, there is room for an inquisitive mind to turn around. The same laws of literary, poetic speech apply. For example, a text rich in tropes (words and phrases that convey expression, emphasize the expressiveness of speech). From school days, we all remember comparisons, metaphors and epithets. Use them generously in your congratulations.

    Here is a beautiful and fair example in relation to the beautiful half of humanity:

    “To create you, they took a few rays of the sun, the thoughtfulness of the moon, the importance of a peacock, the fragrance of roses, the singing of a nightingale, the slenderness of a birch, the meekness of a dove, the tenderness of fluff, the freshness of water, the lightness of air – and all this was mixed.

    But, in order not to turn out very boring, they added the cold twinkling of stars, the fickleness of the wind, the cunning of the fox, the poison of the viper, the annoyingness of the fly, the suspiciousness of the mouse, the cowardice of the hare, the cruelty of the tiger, the stubbornness of the donkey, the talkativeness of the magpie, the tearfulness of the clouds and all the horrors of the elements.

    From this “mixture” fashioned you. They breathed in the soul, gave this creation to darkness and said:

    – Take care of her, there will be no repetition! Love her all your life and suffer to death … “

    You can also play on such a feature of speech as the emotional coloring of a sentence with the help of punctuation marks. In all congratulations, the standard set of “end” punctuation marks is a period and an exclamation point. And try to compose a text where all sentences will end with a question mark, but at the same time affirm your love. For example,

    “Do you look at the moon or the starry sky, do you see me there, as I see you? Do you know how my heart starts beating when I see you? Do you understand the fire you kindled in my soul? How dangerous is this fire? Can you read open eloquence in my silence?”

    We can’t imagine our lives without phones and the Internet anymore, so I won’t be surprised if you write SMS congratulations on February 14 or send tweets. Feature – a limited number of characters in the text. A great opportunity to beat this case. An example for Twitter (fit in a possible 140 characters):

    1 tweet: “You know, you are the best for me and I feel for you something more than sympathy or affection, but I know for sure that …” (intriguing, gentlemen)

    2 tweet: “Having met you, my worldview has changed, and some kind of force constantly attracts me to you, and if not for you, then …”, etc. Pause between tweets.

    But, whatever one may say, the best congratulations are obtained when you know the person very well and you can guess what exactly he wants to hear.

    Share, how did you originally verbally congratulate your loved ones on February 14?

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