Effective Personal Brand Strategies

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    Today we will talk about strategies for promoting a personal brand.

    What tasks might require a powerful branded solution?

    • To strengthen their own authority.
    • To attract partners.
    • To optimize and develop business without external financial intervention (we are talking about investments, loans, etc.)

    Effective methods for promoting a personal brand

    персональный бренд

    1. E-mail marketing (messenger marketing). Action algorithm:

    • develop your information portal (it will act as an intermediary between you and your audience);
    • launch a weekly mailing list that will provide your potential customers with relevant informational materials;
    • create a Telegram channel or Viber community;
    • prepare a separate content plan for messengers, an example – https://t.me/digital_vlada_rykova

    Benefits of email marketing:

    • prompt targeted distribution of fresh content;
    • strengthening the reputation of your brand solution.

    2. Social networks. Start promoting your business on social media. Brand promotion in social networks is only the first step to increase its awareness. The next step is to launch an advertising campaign.

    Action algorithm:

    • setting up targeting (we advertise a branded solution to the target group in which you are most interested);
    • we form the budget.

    Advantages of the strategy:

    • increase in coverage;
    • attracting targeted traffic.

    3. Content marketing. Share quality content regularly. Useful information content products are a universal tool for attracting and involving the target audience in the sales funnel. Note that ideally, content should be evenly distributed between social platforms and personal site.

    Tip: before publishing content within a particular platform, make sure that it fully meets the requirements and preferences of the local (local) Internet audience.

    4. Personal website/blog. Here’s an idea for you to create a website – launch a personal web site. Once again, I would like to draw your attention to the necessity of this event. A personal website is an opportunity to uniqueize your brand, increase its value in the eyes of potential buyers.

    What should be done?

    To get started, create a simple website with two sections: “About the Owner” and “Blog”. In the future, regularly publish relevant niche content on the blog, and also share it on social networks. If possible, make sure that the website domain is your name/brand name.

    5. Twitter/Instagram. Be active on Twitter chats. Yes, this social communication tool is becoming popular again. Looking for new visitors/customers? Then you should consider developing a Twitter strategy.

    Action algorithm:

    • make a list of topics that are optimal for communication (to do this, subscribe to the most authoritative niche experts);
    • provide competent and valuable comments as part of heated discussions;
    • think about how you can use the same strategy in other social networks or thematic forums.

    6. Organize a vlog. Video is a universal tool for disseminating information of any type and purpose. With the help of videos you can tell:

    • about key events in your industry;
    • about your business development strategy;
    • about new trade offers, etc.

    Why should you focus on video marketing?

    1. Video materials today are in extraordinary demand among any target audience.
    2. The number of users watching videos on the go (on the street, in transport, etc.) is constantly increasing.


    In order to increase the competitiveness of the brand, use the following marketing combination: “storytelling + development of an original style of presenting a particular story.”

    An example of an author’s playlist

    7. Collaborate with local industry communities. What is it about?

    • Contribute to the offline promotion of various charitable organizations (the result is an expansion of the coverage of the brand solution + acquaintance with potential partners).
    • Take part in local media programs (on radio and/or television), make yourself known at thematic conferences, seminars.

    8. Do a podcast. This content format allows not only to strengthen the brand rating, but also to involve a significant number of Internet users in the process of its development.

    What can you do?

    • Share your own practical experience, as well as knowledge.
    • Create audio materials using any modern gadgets (if you do not have the opportunity to purchase expensive equipment).

    9. Follow the trends. Work daily on expanding your vocabulary, replenish your knowledge base by analyzing new thematic publications, increase the information and consumer value of your brand solution by highlighting the current trends in your niche.


    Follow the trends

    10. Keep in touch with niche professionals. The essence of the method lies in the study and subsequent (relevant to the tasks of your business) transformation of third-party marketing techniques, as well as entrepreneurial experience in general.

    Moreover, if you establish a trusting contact with at least one expert, you can count on his support and assistance in the form of, for example, an interview or professional (objective, of course) commenting / evaluating your work program.

    11. Remember that a personal brand must be supported by a stylistically unified visual accompaniment. We are talking about the formation and further presentation of your professional avatar within all social platforms. By doing this, you will be able to increase the influence of your brand in the very near future.

    That’s all for now. Good luck with your personal branding journey.

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