The effect of color on purchasing power

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    The actions of people are subject to specific emotional laws, understanding which can significantly increase the demand for a particular product. The subconscious is influenced by small details, such as smells felt in the air, colors, sound background, and others that we considered in the article about sensory marketing.

    Today we will talk about color perception.

    Modern research shows that for 93% of people, the purchase decision is influenced by the appearance of the product, and for 83% – by color. That is why recently such a strong interest has been given to the design of packaging. It is a profitable technique to increase the attractiveness of the product, which results in an increase in sales.

    цветной маркетинг

    Each color should be logically related to the product being offered. So, people with a low material level are attracted by a colored background with saturated colors. Wealthy people prefer more soothing shades, pastel colors.

    Modern packaging design studies have shown that there is a certain psychological relationship between color and its perception by a person.


    To increase sales growth, packaging must be colorful, captivating the interest of a potential customer at first sight. In a huge amount of advertising research, it has been confirmed that products wrapped in yellow, red, orange and other so-called warm colors sell much faster than similar products designed in a different color palette.

    Each specific tone, like its shade, has a different effect on the emotional state of a person and his physiology. Understanding and taking into account these features, you can awaken the specific necessary associations and feelings. Therefore, professional advertisers use specific colors to influence the buyer’s choice of a particular product.

    палитра цветов

    Color range used for specific products:

    • To convey a refreshing freshness or coolness of a refreshing drink, you need to choose cold tones.
    • Blue causes an amazing effect. It creates a feeling of trust and security. It is used in banking systems and business.
    • Dark shades of blue are used to advertise books, movies and lighting fixtures.
    • Brown color is associated with aromatic coffee, milk chocolate or hot tea.
    • Black is considered a powerful color used to promote luxury products.
    • Pink represents romance and femininity. They are used to promote products for a female audience.
    • Green is used to achieve a relaxing effect. It is pleasing to the eye and is associated with wealth.
    • Intense blue color symbolizes refinement of taste and exclusivity, most often it is used in advertising reviews of insurance agencies, tobacco and expensive alcoholic beverages. And also, everything related to independence, relaxation, fun at sea, sunblock in the minds of the public is associated with a soft heavenly shade.
    • Purple has a calming and calming effect. This color is most in demand in the industrial industry, which produces anti-aging products and beauty products.
    • Yellow is the color of activity. It awakens in a person the desire to act and carries a charge of optimism. To draw the attention of customers to shop windows, use this color.
    • Orange is considered an aggressive tone. It calls for such actions as: sale, registration, purchase.
    • Red is the color of love. Stimulates the desire to act. Expert studies have found that this tone activates the pulsation. So, for example, food manufacturers use reddish packaging for sweets, ketchup, and nectars. Scarlet shades are also to the taste of the stronger sex. For example, almost all tobacco products, personal care products are packaged with this tone. It can also be used for bulk sales.
    • Soft colors dominate advertising for children’s products.

    Knowing the specific influence of tones on human psychology, you can use it to promote your products.

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