TOP services for holding contests on Instagram

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    In order to significantly increase activity in the Instagram profile in a short time, various services are used to conduct contests. This is a good and not time-consuming way to involve a new audience in the life of the channel, as well as to promote a number of services or products.

    Drawings and contests on the Web will help not only entertain your subscribers and warm up their interest in what is happening in your account. You can use proven solutions from automatic activity generators, or you can be creative and come up with all the competitive mechanics yourself. In the latter case, you will have to spend more time, but the result will also be the most interesting for your subscribers.

    Set goals and choose the right service for Instagram contests

    Unfortunately, the functional features of the Instagram network do not allow you to prepare a list of participants in a particular draw, assign each one its own serial number, and then determine the winner. To organize such a competition, you need to resort to the help of third-party services. Fortunately, today you can find quite a lot of interesting solutions:

    • with a Russian-language interface;
    • free or with paid functionality;
    • with the ability to upload the results of the competition to a separate file.

    The main goals that can be achieved using specialized platforms:

    • attracting new customers to the commercial profile;
    • formation of interest among subscribers, because in order to participate in the drawing, you must first subscribe to an account;
    • improving statistics is a useful tool for personal blogs, because in the process of holding a contest in your account, the number of comments, likes will inevitably increase, and coverage will expand. This surge in online activity will then attract advertisers.

    Get ready, let’s get started!

    To organize a full-fledged draw, you should choose an interesting and useful gift that will attract the attention of the contestants. Decide how many participants you plan to reward with prizes, and what goods, services (and possibly discount coupons) you can choose for this. In addition, the winner will be able to leave a great product review, which will be free and useful advertising for you.

    The most important preparation steps:

    • Visual content. Take the time to find a catchy image and a catchy slogan.
    • Understandable terms. For example, “to participate in the contest, like the post” or “follow my account to become a participant and receive a prize.”
    • The date of the. Clearly indicate to all participants the time of the competition and the date of the announcement of the winners.
    • “The cherry on the cake.” Choose a prize relevant to your audience that everyone will want to compete for.
    • An interesting task. Competitive conditions, as a rule, are simple and understandable – this is a subscription to a specified profile, a like under a certain photo, a repost of a message or a creative task.

    The most popular services for contests on Instagram


    Youtogift is a service that provides access to a large database of giveaways and contests that you can use not only to promote your Instagram account, but also in such a popular social network as YouTube. Engaging with You To Gift will help you not only publish a new contest, but also collect useful statistics after it ends. Participants are assigned unique numbers, the winner is determined by a random number generator. Competitors are also checked for compliance with the conditions. The functionality of the service is partly free (randomizer), partly paid, but if the conditions of the draw are complicated – for example, take a photo in a certain location, then post a report in your story or leave a comment – you will need to check their fulfillment yourself.


    сервисы для конкурсов в инстаграм

    LIZAONAIR is a service quite simple in its functionality LIZAONAIR owes its name to Liza Soboleva, a popular beauty blogger who publishes all the most interesting things from the world of the beauty industry in her account. The winner is determined using a randomizer – copy the link to your post, paste it into the empty field and click “I’m lucky.” The background photo from the message will be displayed as a watermark on the randomizer page. Under the link to the competition, you will see the number of comments and likes. The activity of subscribers is analyzed automatically, after which LIZAONAIR will show the winner’s avatar and give out his nickname. He, the organizer of the draw, will need to take a screenshot of the screen with the results, and then demonstrate it on his channel to subscribers. The cost of such a contest is 200 rubles, first you need to get the Premium status. But there is also the opportunity to choose a winner for free – by specifying a link to @Lizaonair in a published post.

    Follower Analyzer

    сервис для конкурсов в инстаграм

    Follower Analyzer is an application designed to determine the most active followers of your account. An interesting solution that provides access to analytics data (you can find out who subscribed and who unsubscribed from your account, who is marked in your posts, which message got the most likes, etc.). The most active followers are differentiated by the number of likes and comments, and the data is presented in the form of convenient and understandable graphs.


    сервис конкурса инстаграм is a free set of online generators, which are convenient tools for almost all types of contests. The number of constantly updated services includes generators of nicknames and names, online quotes, compliments, etc. You just need to invite the participants in the drawing to leave the maximum number of comments. Increasing the attention of users will significantly increase the reach of your publication, and the service will help you randomly find out who won.



    Instaways is a multifunctional service for organizing contests and giveaways on Instagram. You will be able to designate each participant with their own number, upload the nicknames of those who left a comment or liked your post, launch an automatic check of the fulfillment of the conditions of the draw by its participants. Another useful option is the ability to automatically subscribe participants to sponsors, which is especially in demand during Giveaways (giveaways). The scheme of interaction with InstaWays is quite simple:

    • you need to log in to the service, create a password and enter a valid e-mail;
    • select additional conditions of the contest – obtaining data on followers, uploading comments, likes;
    • copy the link to the contest message, leaving only its “ID”, and add this identifier to the “upload” field;
    • get the necessary data about the participants in the form of an Excel table.

    If you are planning to hold a small contest, the free functionality will be enough for you to upload the first 100 nicknames. When organizing a larger promotion, you will have to choose one of the paid tariffs, which are distinguished by the flexibility of conditions.



    Randomus is a specialized service for contests on Instagram, which helps in organizing and conducting them quickly. The operation of the platform is based on the choice of a random number generator, and comments from users or likes are selected as a participation criterion. But you can take the process of determining the winner into your own hands by choosing the lucky one from the list. The Randomus platform works for free, and it also allows you to get a list of nicknames that took part in the draw. This can be done using the service mentioned above, for example, Instaways.



    Winner (not currently recommended) is a very easy-to-use service that determines the winner according to the given parameters and saves the results of all the contests that you have run. The principle of operation is very simple: you need to register on the service, go to the main page and insert a link to the post with the contest. Then you just need to set the desired conditions and determine the winner. You can choose one or more of the following conditions:

    1. The presence of a like under the draw post;
    2. The presence of a comment under the draw post;
    3. Account subscription.

    It is possible to select multiple prizes and filter multiple comments from one participant.

    How to choose a winner on Facebook?

    Facebook does not provide an official built-in service for choosing a winner in contests or sweepstakes. However, you may use third-party online tools or applications to select a winner based on comments, likes, or other parameters of your Facebook posts.

    Below are a few popular online services that can help you choose a winner based on comments or other factors:



    Woobox offers a variety of tools to run sweepstakes, contests, and polls on social media, including Facebook. You can create a contest and use the random winner selection feature.

    Fanpage Karma

    Fanpage Karma offers a set of tools for analyzing and managing social media pages. They also provide a random winner feature for Facebook contests.

    Comment Picker

    Comment Picker

    Comment Picker offers a simple tool to select a winner based on Facebook comments. You can copy the URL of the post, enter the entry requirements, and the service will randomly select a winner.

    Before using any of these services or applications, it is recommended that you review their functionality, limitations, and privacy policies to ensure they meet your needs and requirements.


    How to choose a winner on Instagram?

    You can select a winner on Instagram using a variety of methods such as random selection or criteria. For example, you can choose a winner who fulfills a certain condition, such as commenting on your post, tagging your friends, or using a specific hashtag.

    How to choose a winner based on comments?

    To choose a winner from Instagram comments, you need to follow these steps:

    • Gather all comments on a specific post in one place using an app or program.
    • Create a random list of numbers that match each comment.
    • Using a random number generator, choose a random number that will match the selected comment.
    • Check if the selected comment meets all the requirements of the contest and announce the winner.

    How to make a giveaway on Instagram?

    To run a giveaway on Instagram, you need to follow these steps:

    1. Determine the purpose and rules of the draw. Decide what you want to give away as a prize and what type of contest you will be running (e.g. like contest, repost contest, comment contest, etc.). Also set the start and end dates of the competition, as well as the rules for participation and winning.
    2. Create a post announcing the giveaway. In this post, you must specify the prizes that will be, the conditions for participation and the rules.
    3. Advertise the raffle. Publish a post on your page and tell your followers about the contest. Use hashtags to reach more members, use targeted ads and influencer ads.
    4. Determine the winner. When the contest is over, choose the winner according to the rules of the contest. For example, if you’re running a comment contest, choose a random winner from among the people who commented on the post.
    5. Announce the winner. Write a message to the winner notifying them of their win. Provide instructions on how to claim the prize.
    6. Provide a prize.
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