How to develop an attractive slogan for a real estate agency?

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    Creating a “working” slogan in the real estate industry is not an easy task.

    When people have the opportunity to buy a home, they take the choice of a seller very seriously. At stake is not only money, but also comfortable living conditions in the future. There are a lot of selection criteria, but it is the slogan that can become the first and main “magnet” for a potential buyer.

    Slogans can be aimed at advertising the company as a whole, or advertise individual offers (promotions, objects, special conditions for a specific target audience group, etc.).

    Real estate agency slogan (examples)

    пример слогана агентства недвижимости

    When developing a slogan, first of all, you need to focus on the needs, desires and “Wishlist” of the consumer. Roughly speaking, the advertising slogan should not sell the services of the company, but the benefits that the buyer will receive. Great examples of slogans using this approach:

    “Apartments near the Kremlin. Location matters”

    “Away from the hustle and bustle, in the center of events!”

    It is curious that numerous marketing studies have revealed an amazing pattern – the “correct” advertising slogan is more often remembered than the name of the company or product. Moreover, a well-thought-out motto is in most cases heard, even if a person does not remember at all what the advertisement was about. This is due to the fact that when developing, experienced marketers use associations that allow them to deftly manipulate the subconscious.


    “Get cozy”

    “Space of new life”

    In the field of real estate sales (practically, as in all other market niches), slogans “work” well, evoking associations with the reliability and stability of the company or promising a desired solution.

    “Miel. We are recommended to friends”

    “Intelligent problem solving”

    The best slogans of real estate agencies or Humor around the head

    пример слогана агентства недвижимости

    Recently, there has been a strong trend towards original advertising moves. The real estate niche is no exception. Common phrases like “any real estate at low prices” almost do not work anymore. No matter how hard marketers try to attract the precious attention of the target audience. One effective (and effective) way is to use a humorous component.

    The main thing is not to over-create and get right into the bull’s-eye. The “funny” slogan is meant to evoke a smile and at the same time penetrate deeply into the mind. A vivid example of a good and tenacious slogan with humor:

    “Do you want grandchildren? Buy an apartment for the kids!”

    Faceless for all creativity

    Despite pretentiousness, creativity and originality, many slogans of real estate agencies and companies remain faceless. In other words, they are nothing. The slogans are built in an original way, they use bright verbal constructions, but they do not show the benefits for the potential buyer.

    To create a valid slogan, first of all, deeply analyze your target audience. Clearly define the real needs of potential buyers (it is one thing to offer inexpensive “typical” apartments and quite another to sell mansions with impressive footage).

    Slogans to attract clients to a real estate agency

    Of course, when developing a slogan for real estate companies, creativity is indispensable. Templates – a firm “no!”. At the same time, it is important to comply with the “generally accepted” criteria in advertising. Effective motto:

    • Displays the specifics of the company’s activities;
    • Focused on the real needs of a potential client;
    • Calls (and induces) to perform a specific action;
    • Laconic and easily perceived by ear;
    • Objective and truthful;
    • Causes the “correct” associations.

    Do not be afraid to experiment, but do not forget about the important marketing components that will make your advertising creation really “working”.

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