Vodka slogan. How to choose the right one?

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    As you know, advertising vodka in the expanses of the former country of the Soviets is a thankless task. I can’t even imagine what should happen for our people to abruptly stop consuming everyone’s favorite strong drink. Yes, there is only one vodka, but there are thousands of brands. And here the question arises: “How to make sure that the consumer chooses yours from the whole sea of ​​brands?” The lifeline in this “reservoir” is the correctly chosen vodka slogan.

    Vodka slogan: factors in compiling

    Слоган водки

    Vodka slogan

    To choose the right slogan for the vodka you want to sell, you need to consider the following factors:

    1. Consumer segment.
    Agree, if your brand segment is people with income below average, then the vodka slogan is an absolutely meaningless thing. Such a contingent both bought it and will continue to buy it. Because of the cheapness, of course. Quality is not even mentioned here. If your product is consumed by the premium segment, then the vodka slogan should be appropriate.

    2. Unique selling proposition (USP).
    Every year it becomes more and more difficult to do it. There is already vodka based on mineral water, water from melted glaciers, and purified by various products (honey, milk, etc.). It remains to wait until it will be produced on the “life-giving moisture”, which will certainly be found on Mars. Nevertheless, if your brand has a USP, then Bacchus himself ordered to use this feature in the slogan of vodka.

    3. Name.
    If your trademark has an unusual name, then you should definitely beat it. I’m sure the vodka slogan will work itself out. (Example: “Putinka”, “Drova”, “Squirrel”).

    Based on these factors, the vodka slogan is created. In this case, it is necessary to take into account some features. Vodka is, first of all, fun, warm atmosphere, friends. Feel free to use this in creating slogans. Don’t be afraid to use humor. The exception is vodka with a premium segment (they have no time for humor, they need to wash the contract).

    Famous vodka slogans:

    • There will be something to remember, to put it mildly.
    Company: MYAGKOV

    • Pushkin – do not look on the bookshelf.
    Vodka Pushkin

    • Nemiroff. It’s all about the pepper.
    Gorilka Nemiroff

    • The highest standard.

    • Vodka “Aurora”. One volley is enough.
    Vodka AURORA

    Well, that’s probably all I wanted to say. Feel free to leave comments – I will be happy to answer. And remember, overdrinking… In general, don’t overdo it.

    Author: Dmitry Tunkov

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