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    строительные слоганы, Рафшан и ДжамшутIt would seem, well, why do we need construction slogans in our time? Why pay some people to “practice idle talk” if you are already investing enough of your money in promoting your products and services? A typical erroneous opinion of the leaders of a start-up company. Take a look at the world with “modern eyes”: the huge competition in the construction industry brings “small fish” to the bottom, unable to stay afloat even with a unique offer. How to survive? The answer is simple – get people talking about your company. High-quality construction slogans will help you with this.

    First you need to determine what exactly needs to be promoted: in fact, the company itself or the unique offer that it offers. The type of construction slogans will depend on this.

    If you decide to advertise your company, which is engaged in the construction of luxury apartments or houses, then the slogan should also focus on the appropriate segment of consumers. Here emotionality or demonstration of superiority is necessary. We sell goods to the elite of society. Eg:

    • “The best for the best” slogan from Mirax Group
    • “Petersburg reconstruction. For wealthy people”

    If your company is engaged in the construction of economy-class houses, then construction slogans should be designed for people with an average income. For example, one of the organizations that builds inexpensive apartments for young families made a good move:

    • “If you want grandchildren, buy an apartment for your children!”

    I specifically do not name the company that came up with this slogan. It became so popular that other construction companies immediately adopted it, passing it off as their own 🙂

    Another thing is if you want to interest buyers in a certain product. In this case, it is necessary to choose such a slogan to emphasize its uniqueness. For example, here are some slogans of companies that are engaged in direct supplies of materials from Germany:

    • “Zer Gut.” KNAUF
    • “Das is fantastic! Windows that cannot be described in any other way!” One Russian company, which did not dare to use this slogan. In my opinion, very much even in vain.

    Everything ingenious, as they say, is simple! German quality in construction is considered to be one of the best. Focus on it – and you are at the helm!

    One company that offers its construction services posted billboards all over the city with the inscription “We work without a smoke break!“. It depicted an Indian with a pipe, personifying “hacks” who do not really care about the quality of their work. The firm thus emphasized that their team consists of professionals who know their business. And no “Ravshanov” for you 🙂 A risky step, but the experiment lived up to expectations.

    Well, do not be afraid to take risks and build your future only with real professionals!

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