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    Promotion of a project or a certain product with the participation of bloggers is a popular type of marketing that is used today by both large companies and small businesses. Such cooperation entails some risks, since the influencer does not always bring the expected income for the company. The owner of even a small business should not rely on one blogger, giving him a large amount to promote his products and services. It is advisable to purchase several “packages” in order to be able to cover the emerging risks. An advertising exchange in social networks will help you find worthy bloggers who will take over the promotion of the project.

    Benefits of Youtube exchanges

    The main advantage that an advertising exchange has is the security of the transaction. This concerns not only the allocated budget funds, but also the responsibility of bloggers.

    Additional pluses:

    • the ability to set clear deadlines;
    • cooperation only with proven, responsible bloggers;
    • no risk of falling for a scammer who will ask for an advance payment and will not fulfill the conditions;
    • a large selection of bloggers by their ranking in terms of popularity.

    Modern exchanges offer a wide range of potential online advertisers. They are ready to provide the customer with a really high-quality service for promoting a site or project through YouTube channels and other social networks.

    How to choose a YouTube exchange?

    In order to make the process of creating ads on YouTube with the help of bloggers more efficient, it is important to consider the following nuances when choosing an exchange:

    1. Price. You should not resort to the services of expensive advertising sites if the budget is not initially designed for such expenses. There is a great risk of simply overpaying, but at the same time not taking advantage of all the opportunities provided for the amount paid.
    2. Number of registered bloggers. The more potential advertisers on the social network the exchange offers, the better the customer’s choice.
    3. Who actually works. Despite the large number of bloggers registered on the site, only a minority of them can be active. Such cooperation will be completely unprofitable, since the owner of the project will simply pay for the use of the exchange, but will not receive any benefits from this.
    4. Commission. Any advertising exchange provides for a mandatory percentage, and on most promoted sites it is quite high. In order not to waste money, you can train on services with a minimum payment.

    When choosing a site, it is advisable to pay attention also to reviews and interface. The exchange should be convenient and understandable, working for the efficiency of business development and its promotion. Ready-made services of bloggers included in the TOP will allow you to quickly find an influencer-advertiser without spending extra money from the budget.

    TOP-6 YouTube channel exchanges

    1. Upfluence: A comprehensive influencer platform where you can discover and collaborate with influencers from YouTube and other social media platforms.
    2. AspireIQ (formerly Revfluence): This is a community of content creators where you can find influencers for various campaigns, including YouTube.
    3. Influencity: A tool for finding, analyzing, and organizing influencers for your campaigns, offering detailed analytics.
    4. Famebit (now YouTube BrandConnect): Originally an independent influencer marketing platform, Famebit was acquired by YouTube, making it a direct way to collaborate with YouTube influencers.

    These platforms are used globally and provide tools and services in English, facilitating the promotion and partnership with influencers across various social media, including YouTube. You would need to visit their respective websites or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on services and pricing.



    EpicStars is a fairly large database of bloggers that helps you find influencers for any advertising campaigns and increase sales. The service works with such social networks and platforms as Vkontakte, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The exchange has the ability to analyze any profile on Instagram, detecting cheats.

    The functionality of the EpicStars service, which is provided by its “employees”:

    • search for bloggers according to the parameters specified by the customer;
    • assistance in developing a complete marketing strategy;
    • creative solutions of any complexity;
    • brief design;
    • maintaining accounts that will bring the desired effect.

    Additionally, the exchange is equipped with a convenient calculator that will allow you to make a forecast for the number of placements, calculate the approximate number of transitions and the planned coverage. EpicStars has more than 12 thousand YouTube channels in its arsenal, each of which is ready to help in promotion.

    The most accurate indicator of audience coverage is the focus on the number of views of a particular blogger video, and not on the number of its subscribers.

    An additional bonus of EpicStars is the ability to search for an influencer from YouTube channels or other social networks using certain options.

    The project owner can pay his potential network advertisers:

    • money;
    • own goods or services;
    • mutual publicity.

    When ordering ads from influencers on YouTube, you can not be afraid for your money. They will go to the account of the future influencer-advertiser only after the customer approves the PR campaign.

    Read more in the review of the service to search for influencers (LOM)


    Сервис LabelUp 4

    LabelUp is a high-quality service that helps create advertising through influencers on Instagram, Vkontakte and YouTube. It features over 350 channels. A list of all advertising sites can be seen immediately after registration. In addition, the following statistics become available:

    • the number of likes;
    • advertising integration cost;
    • the number of subscribers and views;
    • viewing duration;
    • price per view.

    In the filters, you can specify the details of the target audience among bloggers’ subscribers – age, gender, etc. If you plan to cooperate with a future advertiser by barter, the service charges an additional fee for such campaigns.


    платформа для поиска блогеров в Instagram и YouTube GetBlogger.

    A popular platform that provides direct cooperation between customers-advertisers and opinion leaders. Both brand owners and promotion agencies can act as the first ones.

    The extensive GetBlogger database contains over 16 thousand YouTube channels, as well as many Instagram profiles with real followers and top views. Not all opinion leaders can get into the ranks of bloggers of the exchange. Main conditions:

    • at least 5000 subscribers and corresponding views;
    • the presence of high-quality blog content on YouTube or Instagram;
    • 50% of the profile audience must be from Russia.

    Additionally, the service offers assistance in the selection of bloggers only on related topics. In addition, the fee is charged only by the number of views (by reach). You won’t be able to view the list of YouTube profiles and channels right away, the option is available after registration.

    Read more in an interview with Alla Inozemtseva, GetBlogger PR manager.


    биржа рекламы youtube

    The system provides for promotion not only through influencer marketing (using views), but also through an article type of advertising. Here you can order campaigns from:

    • webmasters;
    • YouTube bloggers who have a large number of views;
    • owners of accounts and communities with a large audience on Twitter and VK.

    The catalog of performers is available to the advertiser-customer immediately after registration. Bloggers can get into the ranks of the exchange according to the following requirements:

    • subscribers – more than 500 people;
    • regular content updates;
    • the age of the channel is at least six months;
    • at least 200 views.

    According to statistics, the advertiser sees the composition of the audience, the number of subscribers, the level of engagement, etc.


    Service for working with bloggers Yoloco helps to select and search for bloggers for advertising.

    The first such service in the CIS market, which has already indexed and sorted more than 500,000 channels.

    The service can:

    1. Analyze changes in the number of subscribers, the total number of video views, as well as the ER account
    2. Gender, age, countries and languages of the active audience
    3. Perform channel ad placement analytics
    4. Conduct channel content analytics

    At the moment, you can search by channel metrics, but filters for searching by channel audience will be available soon.

    It is possible to search for channels that have mentioned brands! That is, choose a bank, see where he did the seeding = analysis of competitors. Or you go and buy ads there.

    The function is already available in the “Business – YouTube” and “Agency” tariffs.

    Modern sites with bloggers are a useful tool to help make your social media advertising campaign more effective. Any novice advertiser can take advantage of this opportunity by registering on the desired exchange.

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