What does a web analyst do and how to become one?

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    Statistics, summaries, graphs and charts – information is the main resource of modern business. And the ability to manage it is the main competitive advantage in the development of web projects.

    Web analytics collect information about the productivity and popularity of web pages. Specialists in this category, using interactive analytical systems, collect and interpret project activity and efficiency indicators. As a result, the analyst can make recommendations of the following nature:

    • what are the problems of low demand for the site;
    • how to increase the conversion and attendance of the web portal;
    • how to expand your customer base.

    A high-quality and productive website is the face and main source of orders for promising companies. He presents products and helps to communicate with customers. Therefore, the profession of a web analyst is extremely in demand. If you dream of such a creative and highly paid profession, it’s time to enroll in training. The Webpromoexperts Internet Marketing Academy has prepared a rich course that will not only clarify the theoretical foundations of web analytics, but also provide valuable practical skills. You can sign up for the course at https://webpromoexperts.net/courses/distance-analytics/.


    What it takes to become a web analyst

    The responsibilities of a Web Data Analyst include:

    • Selection and installation of the analytical system of the site.
    • Selection of parameters for evaluating the effectiveness of contextual advertising.
    • Optimization of statistical reports.
    • Identification of problems, errors and development of mechanisms for their elimination.
    • Search for ways to increase the popularity of the site and advertising products.

    The web analyst cooperates with system engineers, SMM managers of the company. Together they create bright advertising campaigns and customize the site in order to optimize costs and grow the business.

    The work of a web analyst requires perseverance, diligence and attentiveness. It involves continuous learning and development of new information management technologies. With a strong desire to master a profession, everyone can, but the following basic parameters will help:

    • special technical education;
    • analytical thinking – inquisitiveness and scrupulousness;
    • skills in working with Google.AdWords;
    • Knowledge of Google Analytics functionality;
    • practice of working with databases in Excel and Google.Tables;

    The requirements depend on the specifics of each company, the scope and scale of its activities. Therefore, the main conditions for success in the web analytics industry are the readiness for new challenges and the ability to learn quickly.

    как стать веб-аналитиком

    How to become a competitive specialist in the market

    Web analytics is a practical activity. Self-study will give a good impetus in theoretical terms, but it is desirable to acquire practical skills under the supervision of an experienced mentor.

    The web analytics class from the Webpromoexperts Academy of Internet Marketing provides not only comprehensive knowledge of the industry, but also stimulates development and self-improvement in the course of teamwork. Teachers are top-class specialists and real fans of their work, who energize and strive forward. The training program includes the latest approaches to work and contains a lot of interesting and useful materials from expert blogs, international coaches and leading practitioners.

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