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It is not difficult for an experienced SEO shaman to create a technical task for a copywriter. We look at the leaders in the issue and try to do better. Slightly larger size, comparable keyword density, headings, bulleted lists and call. At the end of the TOR, we must indicate that you need to write in the info style – so that the author does not wind up thousands and does not smear porridge on a plate. Then we play the jew’s harp, kamlai and call on the spirits of Google.

The output is mediocre TK and average results. Why? Because the terms of reference are drawn up by eye – “plus or minus a tram stop”, and not a single specialist can see the site page through the eyes of a search engine. In order for the text to get into the “upper tundra of Google”, accurate data and extremely verified semantics are needed.

How to write technical specifications using Copywritely to get TOP texts – this is the article.

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What is copywriting?

This is a new service that can automatically generate terms of reference for authors, analyze TOP leaders and check texts according to seven parameters:

  • uniqueness;
  • wateriness;
  • spam keys;
  • relevance to queries;
  • readability;
  • monotone;
  • morphology.

The creators position Copywritely as a scalable product that promises to grow and develop. Now 3 main functions are implemented:

  1. generation of technical specifications;
  2. text analysis;
  3. work with thematic words.

An additional plus is a plug-in for Google Chrome, which speeds up access to the program. Copywritely is a handy tool for creating a large number of technical tasks in a short time.

To whom will it be useful? Content managers, SEOs, marketers, copywriters, executives who like to delve into, and everyone who deals with content for web resources.

How this works in practice, we will see below.

We collect information

Texts on websites solve several problems:

  1. increase positions in search results;
  2. sell goods or services;
  3. provide the reader with useful or entertaining information;
  4. help to boost the brand image and make it recognizable.

It is logical to want to know which documents are leading in terms of queries that interest us. It is even more interesting to understand why this is so. On the move, you can name a dozen or two services that are engaged in Internet dismemberment (parse the text into components and provide data on structure and content). Copywritely is remarkable in that it simplifies the work and gives out almost ready-made information for authors, with minimal time and manna.

Suppose we already have a young site. With semantics, category pages and product cards. It is necessary to prepare TOR for a copywriter. To do this, we study how things are in the TOP of Google.

We go to Copywritely, click “analysis of Top-a keywords”, enter three keywords, select the language and Google region and click the “Create” button.

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The service allows you to see the leaders for each keyword, and also provides a conditional “weight” parameter, thanks to which you can compare pages of various resources.

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On the left side of the table, before the “Address” column, you can select the most suitable sites, excluding from the results those who are not a direct competitor in the niche. Click the “Next” button below the table and proceed to the formation of the TOR, but before continuing, pay attention to the summary information.

It says here that the length of the text on the page is 1584-1936 words, the keyword density is 1%, the description (description) is 19-25, the title is 2-4 words. The author will be guided by these parameters when writing the text.

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Click on the “Additional Information” tab.

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Here are the tabs:

  • header length statistics (general statistics);
  • URLs (surveyed sites);
  • bigrams (two-part keys);
  • trigrams (three-part phrases).

The first “Header Length Statistics” and URLs is what we have already seen on the previous page. The second is useful information on how to compose titles, H1 headings and what words to use in descriptions without a shaman’s tambourine and the call of spirits.

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The “Bigrams” and “Trigrams” tabs provide data on the use of keywords with frequency and percentage of occurrences.

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This is convenient and saves time, in fact, we are already presenting what needs to be done to make an effective page.

Formation of technical specifications for a copywriter

Press the “Back” button and return to the “Basic Information” tab.

The data presented here partially overlaps with what we have seen, only in expanded form. To provide convenient navigation at the bottom of the window there is a special block that scrolls the page.

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The first block is basic information, then the recommended words for Title, Description and H1. Underneath are keywords. Everything is colorful and clear. When you hover your mouse over the numbers at the top of the table, the service displays the Title of the site being analyzed.

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Blocks with Description and H1 work in the same way. This is data pulled out by the service from competitors’ sites, using which you can easily create effective tags for your site.

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We select keywords, as well as words for titles and meta tags. At the bottom there is a block for notes and notes, as well as links to similar texts of competitors. Press the “Next” button and BOOM! downloading a ready-made TOR for a copywriter with recommended occurrences of keys in tags and text.

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You can assign deadlines and send to authors. And how much time and effort will it take to do it all manually?

Please note – the information is collected from the TOP of Google, no fortune-telling and assumptions. But there is also a field for shamanic creativity – the service allows you to adjust the TK, add your own keys.

This is just the beginning of the Copywritely magic, more to come.

Content analysis

Click “Copywritely” in the left menu (upper part) and get to the beginning of working with the service. Here we analyzed Top-a keywords, now let’s go the other way – check the content to figure out who and why is in the lead in the search results.

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You can insert the text itself or the address of the page with content into the working window of the service, then click “Check” and get a detailed analysis.

An example from a real case on site optimization.

Here is the category page of an online store that deals with industrial sewing equipment. The task was set to optimize and raise positions in the search results.

обзор Copywritely 15

“Dancing with a tambourine” suggested that you need to write a new text here, with relevant keys and the percentage of occurrences, BUT! Not every SEO shaman sees the web through the eyes of Google. The content was prepared and uploaded, a month later the position grew, but it is far from the TOP. SEO analysis of the text on this site and at the main competitor said that the material on our resource is better and the uniqueness is higher.

There were offers to buy links and improve behavioral factors, they say content marketing has exhausted itself.

We look at a similar page of categories from a competitor through Copywritely:

обзор Copywritely 9

A little spam, but overall okay.

See our site:

обзор Copywritely 10

Nightmare, everything is bad! Copywritely explained the reason for the drawdown – a small overspam on the word “cars” and simply catastrophic on the key “0” – 213 zeros. Zeros were included in the search results due to errors made when finalizing the site.

Copywritely allows you to see the page through the eyes of a search bot with the click of a button. You can also analyze the HTML code right here and figure out what and how.

This problem was easily fixed by the developers. Copywriter corrects text and bingo!

Now look how long it took Copywritely to discover the problem? – A couple of minutes. And how many days would have to be spent on magical SEO experiments “by instinct”, drafting tasks, correcting text, waiting for indexing, then new alterations?

But back to the main task of the service – content marketing. Copywritely allows you to quickly and accurately analyze the texts of TOP sites and, on their basis, draw up a large amount of terms of reference for copywriters, as well as adjust the terms of reference for certain tasks. Let’s see how it works in more detail.

Checking texts

SEO text analysis is especially useful when ordering freelance articles. Often you have to work with new people and explain content requirements. Even if you have your own author who understands everything perfectly, Copywritely makes collaboration much easier.

In the main window of the control panel (into which we have already copied the URLs), paste the text and click “Check”.

обзор Copywritely 12

With normal uniqueness, 3.33% overspam is a clear overkill, you will have to edit it.

Wateriness (the presence of extra words) is normal. This means that the text is not overloaded with garbage and is not bloated to increase the number of characters.

Readability. Copywritely analyzes text for Gunning’s Nebula Index and Flesch’s Readability Index. Gunning recommends simplifying and shortening sentences to make them easier to read. Flash is almost the same, but with a bias in the fight against academicism, it stands for simple, understandable words and terms. We have a text for professional sewers, they know a lot of scary words – and so it will do.

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Rhythmic monotony – the use of sentences of different lengths in the text, as well as headings and bulleted lists, here the copywriter is at his best.

Relevance – matching search queries. This is the most important parameter, it indicates how our text will be searched in Google by the main key.

To check – click “Relevance R”, enter the key, look at the result.

обзор Copywritely 20

All is well, let’s move on.

Keyword check. Here you can see if all the keywords from the TK are involved. Paste the list into the window and get the result.

обзор Copywritely 19

Here, too, is in order.

Now you can start eradicating overspam, and you can also improve readability a little. On the other hand, if people perceive the text being checked from the site normally, and the percentage of failures is low, you can leave everything as it is.

Another plus of Copywritely is a very fast analysis for uniqueness. The whole process takes a few seconds. This greatly saves time when you need to process a significant amount of information.

Keyword uniqueizer

The uniquelizer is a handy tool for working with keys. It will be useful if you need to select only unique words from the list of keywords, filtering out repetitions.

The module is located at the bottom left of the menu.

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We insert all the keys with which we plan to work within the framework of the article into the working window, click “Generate” and get a list of unique words. With their help, you can reduce spam and make the text better.

About money and more

A good tool is not free. But I want to make a reservation right away that Copywritely developers are not very greedy – you can experiment with the trial version (11 checks, 11 TK and up to 500 words in the text) or immediately subscribe to any tariff:

  • Beginner – $18 per month;
  • Basic – $35 per month;
  • Pro – $67 per month

The difference is only in the volume of checks and you can always buy more.

In general – I recommend. Despite the laconic functionality, Copywritely proved to be excellent in the fight against prejudice and anti-scientific shamanism, so it should take pride of place in the yarangas and wigwams of marketers and content managers.

PS. This text has been verified by Copywritely – there are no evil spirits!

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