ITEA’s “Creative & Copywriting” Course – Mastery Basics

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    Promotion of the assortment, development of brands, familiarization of users with new services is impossible without effective advertising. After all, it is a well-constructed advertising policy that allows you to stand out from the mass of competitors and attract new customers.

    To create selling materials, specialists are needed who are able to clothe information in a bright, attractive form and convey it to the client. Therefore, copywriting is on horseback today! Professionally creating sales texts and catchy slogans, he helps to promote goods/services, increase brand popularity and attract consumers.

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    Creation of promotional materials

    Who is a highly skilled copywriter? This is a specialist who is able to create bright, exciting and user-friendly articles that present products in the most advantageous light.

    Such texts are designed to cause a desire to purchase the advertised product and use the proposed service. Therefore, the copywriter working on them requires a virtuoso mastery of the technique of creating advertising texts, which you can learn in the Creative & Copywriting course. A professional creative must have a set of tried and tested techniques for writing articles to promote goods/services. Everyone works in their own, original manner.

    Typical laudatory texts cannot be considered selling materials, since the information presented in this vein does not hold the attention of readers and is not able to be remembered for a long time. A good article should be:

    • informative;
    • authentic;
    • creative;
    • memorable;
    • provocative;
    • inciting to action.

    After reading a text composed by a talented author, even the seller will be tempted to purchase their own product!

    Prohibited advertising techniques

    A true master of his craft will never condescend to use unscrupulous methods in his work. Therefore, an experienced copywriter does not resort to the following techniques:

    • providing false information;
    • abuse of comparative turns;
    • the use of replicated clichés;
    • comparisons with analogues are not in favor of the latter.

    Good, effective advertising is based on emphasizing the merits and competitive advantages. The use of comparative expressions such as: “our products are better than …”, “we will do it better than …”, etc. indicates the incompetence of the author and / or his negligent attitude towards work.

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