Vladislav Rykov: “For me, success is being happy!”

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    MAVR CEO Vladislava Rykova shared her secret of happiness, talked about Internet marketing trends and whether SEO is dead.

    Владислава Рыкова

    What internet marketing trends have prevailed this year?

    The biggest mistake I see in business is blindly following trends. Telegram channels and chat bots have appeared, let’s put in 100,500 money there. And where is the strategy, how will we reach the payback of this channel? Nobody asks these questions. Therefore, when analyzing a company, I very often come across the fact that the Telegram channel is a year old, there is regular posting, and there are 14 subscribers, well, views … you understand.

    Therefore, I really don’t like it when they ask me this question, because. it is assumed that with my answer I should help my potential Client decide where to go next. But that doesn’t work.

    Of course, if we say “started” at all, then the trends:

    • The use of Big Data and machine learning in marketing and advertising. The trend is long-standing, I wrote about it back in 2017 in the Pro Business online magazine – “Sell an expensive product to one person or tell 8 million about it in 5 seconds – how Programmatic works”;
    • Chatbots allow you to reduce the time that sales managers spend on messengers, while partially automating the sales funnel (read also: “TOP services for creating a chatbot”
    • Voice bots – robots can not only write to messengers, but also call. Moreover, calling is much cheaper than your sales managers do, faster, without interruptions and almost without requiring you to pay a salary for it. It is important that they call according to the script you set, while recognizing and recording the answers and objections of the client. Voicebots can be used to quickly get information from a customer, for reminders, for simple transactional sales or the first call of long or complex sales, to assess satisfaction and get feedback. Voice bots are already tolerably engaged in a dialogue with the client and show a higher conversion rate than ordinary managers;
    • AR / VR – augmented or virtual reality – the ability to both immerse the client in the world of your product, take a tour of your company, and invite the client to a kind of game, taking advantage of his curiosity and the novelty of these technologies. In addition, augmented reality (AR) allows you to more clearly show customers the features of using your product and its benefits;
    • The Internet of Things can change sales dramatically. Supermarket shelves and an automated accounting system can already order the next delivery automatically. As soon as cars (boats, planes) become unmanned, they will refuel themselves, undergo a wash, order and undergo scheduled maintenance and repairs. Any equipment will be able to do the same: order maintenance, repairs and consumables. And your scales and a bracelet that reads your health indicators will advise him and help him choose the right assortment;
    • Using blockchain technologies, as an example:

    “DeBeers, a diamond mining company, is using blockchain to track the production and sale of its diamonds. So the buyer can be sure that he is not buying precious stones mined in the territory of the war, the money from the sale of which will be used to buy weapons (“blood diamonds”).”

    More examples in the article “Blockchain in Logistics”. I highly recommend reading it.

    Do you use gamification in your work?

    I studied this topic a lot before deciding whether to use gamification in business or not. Fact: There is NO proven research that gamification actually improves efficiency, effectiveness, employee engagement. In general, this is a relatively recent trend, and perhaps soon there will be confirmed data on this topic. But now this is not the case, so we do not use gamification at MAVR.

    Is SEO really dead?

    Владислава Рыкова

    But I love this question!

    Let’s think logically:

    Search engine traffic.

    At the moment, the percentage of traffic from search engines on all sites of the Runet is from 50% and above. Those. Websites get the most traffic from SEO.

    We regularly analyze niches and the usual picture is that most of the traffic comes from organics.

    Organic issuance.

    Despite the fact that at the moment a lot of user sessions (requests) in Google remain without clicks due to special elements, the issue is still not 100% clogged with ads and special elements, which means that you CAN and SHOULD receive traffic from search engines .

    And yes, SEO was buried 10 years ago, and what is dead cannot die 😉

    Vladislava, do you spy on your competitors?

    Well, it’s probably a sin not to do this))) It’s just that it’s not called “peeping”, but a competitive analysis in order to develop a marketing strategy, etc. direct competitors, that there is always a substitute for your product or service, and also, it is possible that your competitor does not use it effectively (this can only be understood by watching competitors over time) and there are a lot of nuances.

    How is the IAVR development strategy built?

    All according to the classics of the genre, here I will not surprise you. Usually a competitive analysis, SWOT analysis is carried out, a strategy is developed for a year, 3 years, 5 years. We are not a Japanese company, so we do not build a strategy for a very long term, and the specifics of the market are such that everything is changing rapidly.

    I can’t sort out the strategy, but I can draw a parallel that I really liked, I can. I am very impressed with the idea of Yury Vladimirovich Volkov, who compares the company’s behavior with maximum flexibility in a constantly changing world with a rat! In the animal kingdom, the paragon of adaptability is the rat, which exhibits proactive flexibility in order to survive.

    We are 5 years old and believe us, we will be on the market for a very long time!

    Владислава Рыкова

    What is the main expertise of a person of your level?

    I really liked your words “expertise” and “level” 🙂

    The fact is that I am very, very self-critical and the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. In general, if we talk about my experience, I notice that being on websites or social networks is simply not for work, I pay attention to the blunders of marketers, or vice versa, I look at the creatives that I like.

    Also, on the spur of the moment I can do a quick technical audit of the site, there are typical mistakes that I have already seen a lot in practice and I know where to look.

    Where should a beginner in Internet marketing start?

    Well, I actually wrote a whole book on this topic))) Depending on the direction in which a person specifically wants to develop, because. “Internet marketing” is a very broad concept. I would recommend narrowing down your interests to one or two directions. For example, SMM and targeted advertising, or just SEO… And the most important thing for a beginner is PRACTICE! Practice, test, experiment! Even without a mentor.

    What is success for you?

    For me, success is being happy! That is why I devote so much time to all aspects of life: family, health, spiritual life, and not just work. It is better to “grow” more slowly, but harmoniously.

    Vladislav, how quickly can a site be brought to the TOP?

    Tomorrow my answer may become outdated))) There is no correct answer to this question, because. it all depends on the niche, geo, competitors, and what specific keywords you want to be in the TOP for. Depend. But there is an immutable rule for white topics: SEO is a long-term work.

    Can you promote any site? What about black methods?

    Yes, anyone. Unless, of course, the goal is to achieve this at any cost. True, if we talk in the context of SEO, the result will be short-lived. If we talk about contextual and targeted advertising, then there are restrictions on the subject, but for this they came up with spacer sites, and here again the question of efficiency and effectiveness arises. So yes, probably anyone.

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