How to learn copywriting for free or an overview of 7 writing schools

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    The profession of a copywriter is becoming more and more popular and therefore more popular. But not a single university in Ukraine and Russia teaches how to write selling texts and articles.

    However, copywriting needs to be learned. It’s a long way to figure it out on your own through books, blogs, and personal experience. The short way is to adopt the experience of more experienced colleagues in the form of courses, trainings, etc.

    Как научиться копирайтингу бесплатно? Фото копирайтера

    There is a lot of information on the net about how to learn copywriting. And that’s exactly why you need to be very selective in the selection of a particular source. You need to learn from the best.

    It is worth considering that no one will give out worthwhile chips for writing articles for free. But novice copywriters often simply do not have the money to buy expensive trainings or courses. It’s not easy to find answers to all your questions online. Sometimes you just need the advice of a more experienced colleague.

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    So which copywriting school is worth studying at?

    1. My video copywriting course

    21 useful videos for free.


    You must register on the site to take the course. After completing the training course on the basics of copywriting, you will receive privileges when working on this content exchange.

    1. Nadezhda Orekhova

    This copywriting school provides training on a paid basis, but for only 1,500 rubles per month.

    At the same time, after Nadezhda teaches you how to write articles, she can still offer a job. That is, training is a kind of test before taking you to a team of copywriters. An interesting approach.

    1. Artur Budovsky

    Arthur’s blog has a lot of good advice on time management, working with customers and, of course, copywriting. However, there you will also find some useful free courses.

    Read more about the TextUnqiue Article Business School in an interview with Artur.

    1. Sergei Troubadour

    The copywriting school of Sergei Troubadour is quite famous. Although most of the courses of this specialist are paid, there are still several free options, for example, the Free training “Easy entry into selling texts for the Internet”, which are just right for getting started. Minimum water – maximum benefit.

    By the way, you can learn more about the Troubadour school from an interview with Sergey.

    1. Natalya Karya

    Natalia’s blog has a “cloud” of articles that answer the question “how to learn copywriting?”. In addition to articles on the blog, you can subscribe to Natalia’s newsletter and get a course that will help you start making money.

    1. Julia Volkodav

    Julia offers a free course for beginner copywriters that will help you understand the basics. These materials are an introduction to training at Julia’s copywriting school.

    Now you know how to learn copywriting and where to start. But free training is only suitable for beginners. I am firmly convinced that worthwhile knowledge must also have a good price.

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