How to open a coffee shop. What is required for a coffee business?

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    The coffee shop market has grown and matured over the past couple of years, but it is still in its infancy. According to experts, this market segment is filled only by 20-30%. This is evidenced by the lack of free tables in the best coffee houses in Kyiv. Now there are several new ones in the city every year. But even if you do not take into account the fashion trend, the coffee business will bring a steady income, as many people after drinking a cup of gourmet coffee come to their favorite place regularly. So, it’s decided, you want to build your business on a flavored drink? Then you should learn a few features of this intricate craft.

    What is necessary?

    кофе в зернах в Киеве

    First, decide on the location of the future institution. On the one hand, due to the not fully developed coffee culture in the consumption of coffee beans in Kiev, it becomes a big problem to open a coffee shop in residential areas, since so far the main visitors to coffee shops are office workers, so only the city center is saturated with coffee shops. But on the other hand, there is no competition, and the rent is noticeably lower.

    Second, hire qualified personnel. The most essential person in the coffee business is the barista, the coffee maker. True coffee connoisseurs believe that even the mood of the barista affects the taste of the drink. In fact, finding a qualified barista is the most difficult task. In a special case, you can hire foreigners in order to show the prestige of the institution. In most coffee shops, one barista has a professional education, the rest of the staff learns from him.

    Thirdly, equipment should be purchased. Oddly enough, but this item is not the most expensive. Most often, the coffee house does not have its own kitchen, so there is no need to purchase stoves and hire chefs. The most expensive item is the coffee machine. The price of such a machine ranges from 2 to 5 thousand dollars, depending on the complexity (semi-automatic, automatic). There are also supermachines, the price of which reaches up to 15 thousand dollars. It is necessary to purchase refrigerated display cases (800-1500 dollars), coffee grinders (300-700 dollars) and a bunch of various little things like dishes, mixers, etc. Equipping a coffee shop with appliances will require from 8 to 20 thousand dollars.

    Fourth, menu planning. The most important element of any coffee shop is, of course, coffee. Coffee houses usually delight visitors with the following varieties: Lavazza, Danesi, Kimbo, Molinari, Ionia, Illy. Each coffee shop offers several varieties to choose from, usually around four. But several “coffee products” can be made from the same variety. But coffee is not the only product offered by coffee shops. The visitor can order a business lunch, sandwiches, desserts, tea, spirits. By the way, it is precisely because of the latter that some skeptics believe that there is not a single real coffee shop in the small towns of Ukraine, because. a real self-respecting coffee shop will never offer alcoholic drinks separately from coffee, only as an additive (for example, coffee with liqueur or cognac).

    Как открыть кофейню

    Engine of progress

    Despite everything, the coffee segment of the market is young and constantly evolving. So far, there can be no talk of healthy competition. Good competition never hurts, but on the contrary, it will strengthen the coffee culture and improve the quality of service. In general, the coffee business is already taking slow steps towards adulthood. Coffee houses are trying to create a brand, a unique atmosphere, come up with something new in order to attract customers. Hookahs, original interior decoration, VIP rooms, DJs – all this appeared in coffee houses thanks to competition and the desire to stand out. Fantasize, and your coffee shop will take its rightful place in the hearts of the residents.


    So, opening a coffee shop is a complex and time-consuming process that requires quite a lot of money. But if you haven’t made up your mind yet, then it’s time for you to know the following – the cost of opening a coffee shop can be less than $25,000. Judge for yourself, you can eliminate the cost of furnishing your own kitchen and hiring a staff of cooks. In addition, the coffee business is the most profitable in comparison with any other catering establishments.

    To open a coffee shop, you will need to decide on a place, find qualified staff or give them the appropriate education, purchase equipment, create a menu and, of course, decide on plans for the future. It is worth deciding from the very beginning whether your establishment will be a single one or whether there are ideas for creating a chain of coffee houses. In fact, the second option is preferable, as the costs of economic activities and brand promotion are reduced. Having decided to create a new chain of coffee houses, you should also decide on the image: stamp establishments in different parts of the city or give each coffee house its own unique style. When determining the style, you need to remember that everything in a coffee shop, from the waiters to the interior, should create an atmosphere of easy communication.

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