What are the priorities of today’s residential real estate buyers?

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    Due to the hostilities, many industries that were engaged in the production of building and finishing materials were damaged, therefore, long-established supply chains between development companies and enterprises in the construction industry were disrupted and, as a result, the cost of constructing one square meter of housing increased by more than a third, about which evidenced by prices in advertisements published on the website https://obyava.ua/ ru/nedvizhimost/prodazha-kvartir/odessa portal of the same name. In addition, the cost of one sq. meter of housing in the Ukrainian residential real estate market has always been determined taking into account the dollar exchange rate, which is why the rise of the dollar with the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine in February-March 2022 led to an increase in the cost of housing in both the primary and secondary markets.

    Кто сейчас покупает жилую недвижимость

    Who is buying residential real estate now

    The residential real estate market is gradually resuming in 2023, as evidenced by the increase in the number of housing sales not only in the western regions of the country (in the Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions), but also in the capital of the country – the city of Kyiv, where the number of transactions increased by 2. 5-3 times compared to summer 2022. Approximately a third of buyers purchased residential property that they were interested in back in pre-war 2021.

    In addition, apartments in Odessa, Dnieper, Kyiv or Lviv are purchased by:

    • primarily for personal residence (approximately 80% of sales contracts);
    • for further rental – long-term or short-term (approximately 10% of purchased housing);
    • as an investment object to save money from inflation (also approximately 10% of buyers).

    According to experts, 85% of residential real estate purchase and sale transactions in the primary housing market are executed on installment payment terms, with preference given to apartments offered for sale by proven and reliable developer companies.

    What priorities do buyers consider when buying a home

    The ongoing hostilities throughout the country have left their mark on the choice of residential real estate by today’s buyers, who prefer apartments with nearby shelters, metro stations or bomb shelters.

    In addition, due to regular planned or unscheduled power outages, preference is given to apartments with central heating and natural gas supply for gas stoves.

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