What determines the cost of website development?

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    One of the most frequently asked questions to me is: “What does the price of creating a website actually consist of?”

    Now let’s try to figure it out.

    If you need a high-quality and unique website in terms of design, then it is best to contact professional web studios https://ima.kz/karagandy, in which a whole team of professionals usually works on its creation.

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    The zero stage is work with the project manager.

    Creation of websites in Astana can be ordered from IMA. Turning to the selected studio, the first thing you need to clearly articulate the idea of your site. That is, the manager will need to know the subject, goals and objectives, as well as the approximate size of the site. The volume is understood as the number of pages of the developed website, the presence of a forum on it. The larger the volume, the higher its cost.

    At the next stage, the project designer is connected.

    The task of the designer is to create a unique external design of the future resource, the more complex and unique the design, the higher the price. He works with graphic elements and color design. The layout of the future site is being created, and the convenience of its use depends on the quality of the layout.

    Next comes the programmer.

    His responsibilities include bringing the website layout created by the designer to life. Modern dynamic websites require hard work from the programmer. For each site, it uses an engine, or in other words, a system that manages the content (content) of the site. The engine plays an important role in shaping the final cost of the site. This is explained by the fact that most programmers work with their own engines, for the development and use of which they take money. In each website, it is finalized to the required level.

    The programmer is replaced by a coder.

    The layout designer does everything to correctly display the created site in browsers. Checks the loading speed and correct display of graphic elements. Conducts a full check of all software elements for operability.

    Filling the site with content is carried out by the content manager.

    He fills it with the necessary materials, primarily texts, as well as photographs and media files. All texts are checked for stylistic, punctuation and spelling errors. After all, if the site is very colorful, but with errors, it will most likely scare away a potential Client.

    The tester proceeds to the final part.

    The tasks of this specialist include a complete check of the correct, as well as stable operation of the website. At this stage, all the little things and flaws are corrected. It is uploaded to the customer’s server and that’s it, it is completely ready to work and “receive” the first visitors.

    This is approximately the amount of work that is included in the final cost of the site.

    As you can see, there is a lot of work, and it is far from being carried out by one person.

    But that is not all.

    Your site is ready and uploaded to the server, but no one visits it. Why? Because it is also necessary to optimize the site for search engines, as well as a number of advertising campaigns to promote it. For these purposes, you also need to have a certain amount of money.

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