Private bomb shelters – reliable protection against missiles

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    In conditions of a real military threat, every resident of Ukraine thinks about how to preserve their health and life without leaving the country. Residents of apartments in multi-storey buildings are forced to use public shelters. Owners of private houses use cellars and basements of cottages for this purpose.

    However, there is a better solution – buy a bomb shelter. Our company offers for sale compact and most comfortable in terms of layout, equipment structures that can be installed on an area of 50 m2.

    Приватні бомбосховища

    Types of bunkers from SmartbunkersUA

    In view of modern realities, our company has taken upon itself the responsibility to provide everyone with the most reliable security conditions. In our projects we use only the most modern technologies and innovative materials. Thanks to this, the appropriate level of guarantee is achieved that in the event of any threat, rocket fire, bomb hit, direct attack by a drone, our shelter will withstand it and save your life and health.

    Depending on the purpose and purpose, we offer the following options for bomb shelters:

    • family;
    • public;
    • for the military.

    Each takes into account specific nuances of the basic requirements. The layout and equipment are developed by the best specialists in Ukraine. Therefore, you can always count on 100% results when ordering a turnkey bunker selected from our catalog.

    Види бункерів

    What is the shelter equipped with?

    We take into account not only important safety rules, but also everyday comfort, which is so necessary, regardless of how much time you have to spend in the shelter. Our designs are designed for a stay of about 1-2 months. However, if necessary, depending on the situation, this period can be extended. To do this, each model has the following options:

    • ergonomic beds for quality rest and sleep, created with a folding operating principle, which is very convenient and practical;
    • supply systems for drinking and technical water, because during a long stay in a shelter it is very important to prevent dehydration of the body;
    • ventilation and air filtration systems, because the level of survival in the bunker directly depends on the quality and quantity of oxygen;
    • sewage systems – usually a dry closet is installed in a bomb shelter as the most practical and expedient way to eliminate natural needs.

    To decide which bomb shelter to order, just contact our specialist in any convenient way. The entire process of creating a bunker from scratch to commissioning takes up to 30-40 days, depending on the conditions of the area for installation and configuration.

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