Video storyboard as a promotional video creation tool

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    Videos can tell stories graphically and grab viewers’ attention quickly. It doesn’t matter if it’s an explanatory video, a documentary or a commercial. With a storyboard, the story of a video can be sketched out before production begins. This simplifies planning and subsequent implementation.

    What is a storyboard?

    A storyboard is the visual structure of a video. A sequence of storyboards with drawings or pictures shows how the entry should look later. The drawings can be detailed or drawn with simple stick figures.

    Storyboards always consist of several rectangles with drawings or photos that show a specific entry from the planned video. Each field has a place for notes: you can write down what is happening and what the scene is talking about. Only the most important moments of the video are recorded in the storyboard.

    раскадровка шаблон

    The easiest storyboard template

    Storyboarding a Script or Is a Script Important to a Storyboard?

    Before starting video production, you need to write a script. The entire plot of the film is presented here in order. The following questions will help:

    • What is the theme and purpose of the video?
    • Who are the audience?
    • How to convey the story to the audience in an engaging way?
    • What scenes should be in the video?

    For short promotional videos, it is enough to record the scenes in the form of notes. A storyboard is a kind of drawn script that gives everyone involved in the project a good idea of what the finished video should look like. And also what to do during production, such as when music or noises should play, or when the camera should be used to zoom in on a particular detail. In a way, she follows the written script as a second step and translates the key scenes of the story into images that outline the film’s later settings.

    How to make a video storyboard?

    шаблон для раскадровки

    Расширенный шаблон для раскадровки

    With a good storyboard, you can bring the plot of your video to life. It’s about finding and presenting a compelling narrative. The following points will help you plan and create your storyboard:

    1. How do you want viewers to feel after watching the video? What emotions would you like to evoke? The first step is to ask yourself these two questions and write down your answers.
    2. It is important that your story has a temporal and spatial framework. To do this, decide in what order the events in the story should happen. What are the main events? Should back and front panels be installed? Where are the main characters in the story? Which scenes should appear and in what order? It is best to make a list where you write down these activities.
    3. Now it comes down to the main message and important key scenes of your story. You don’t need to storyboard the entire story of your video. Rather, it’s about highlighting how a video can help you capture your audience’s attention. What are the most important moments in the video? You can select these scenes and display them in the storyboard. It is also important that all turning points in the story are explained in a storyboard. So that everyone can understand how the story should go on.
    4. Now that you’ve done the important prep work, you can think about how you’d like to frame your story. How should the actions be represented in the individual storyboard drawings? What are the main elements of scenes? For example, is there an important dialogue, conflict, or a person on their way to a certain place?

    Creating a Storyboard: Templates and Examples

    раскадровка пример

    Vertical storyboard example

    If you enjoy drawing, you can easily create a storyboard by hand. To do this, take a sheet of paper and draw straight rectangles with a pencil and a ruler. In addition, three lines can be placed under each rectangle. Later this place will be useful for notes on individual scenes. It is recommended that the dimensions of the individual rectangles be in the same proportion as later in the video. The default aspect ratio of YouToube videos is 16:9.

    Video storyboard online (storyboard software)

    Of course, there are also digital storyboard offerings. For example, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, or Movavi Video Editor Plus. There are also online solutions like Canva or Supa. All of these programs offer the ability to digitally create storyboards.

    How to draw a storyboard

    Regardless of which template you want to work with, it’s time to sketch out the individual scenes. It is advisable to pay attention to the following points:

    • fashion design (foreground and background, light);
    • the planned camera angle under which the video will be shot later;
    • type of recording (for example, close-up or wide-angle view over the shoulder);
    • certain items in the picture (for example, your product);
    • people, animals or even drawn moving objects in the picture;
    • if scheduled: show when special effects should be used.

    There is space for notes below each storyboard square. Here you can describe what is happening in the scene and whether people are talking. Ideally, if you can specify how long the recording should be. To keep track of what is happening, you must number all the squares. This allows you to discuss different scenes and settings more effectively with your team.

    Once you’ve drawn and described all the scenes, all you’re missing is the finishing touches: make sure each image depicts the story the way you want. If necessary, you can also improve people’s dialogues. It’s ideal if you have a second person to review your storyboard to make sure all scenes are clear and the sequence and dialogue feel natural and logical.

    Storyboards help structure your video content in a meaningful way so that the main messages are clear and the dramaturgy is just right. Typically, storyboards don’t need to be designed perfectly for this. Simple sketches of the most important scenes will suffice.

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