HelpDesk systems rating: choose your ideal web assistant

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    HelpDesk systems are popular web-based tools used by many online stores and IT companies. They allow you to automate the processing of client requests and reports from employees. Thanks to these systems, the support service can respond to user requests in a timely manner. In IT companies, they establish contact between the developer and the tester, as they support the option of creating bug reports.

    Of course, the functionality of HelpDesk systems is not limited to these options. There are many web solutions on the market today that offer a wide range of features. The number of systems is so large that it is very difficult to choose one product. In such situations, an online platform that provides a rating of the best HelpDesk applications can come to the rescue.

    TOP HelpDesk systems

    хелпдеск что это provides an honest resource rating based on user reviews and professional editorial reviews. The goal is to help each user find the best product for himself, which will correspond to the scale and direction of his project.

    Each service from the list has its strengths and weaknesses. With the help of detailed reviews of TOP resources, it will be easier for you to understand which option is suitable in terms of cost, interface and functionality. You don’t have to take it at random: analytics will allow you to make the right choice.

    Basic characteristics of HelpDesk systems rating

    To make it convenient for site visitors to study the rating of HelpDesk systems, the site is designed so that you do not have to open a detailed overview of each service and look for a suitable product for a long time. The main page contains a list of the TOP-20 HelpDesk platforms, with the following basic characteristics for all rating participants:

    1. Overall rating from 1 to 5 stars. It is compiled on the basis of reviews of users and the editors.
    2. The minimum cost of the tariff plan. This option will allow you to choose a system for projects with different budgets.
    3. Integration – will allow you to understand how many services can be connected to the program.
    4. Versions – presented in the “cloud” and “box” versions (the second type can be installed on a PC).
    5. Free version – shows if the site has a free plan.

    But that’s not all. In the upper left corner of the site, you can select a program according to the parameters you are looking for: a box or a cloud, supported localization, the availability of a Free version.

    хелпдеск фильтры

    Helpdesk systems: reviews and reviews

    As soon as you make a preliminary list of programs of interest, you can read detailed reviews on them. Each review contains all the necessary information arranged in several blocks:

    • general information – release date, official website, localization;
    • cost – exact prices for different tariff plans;
    • functionality – a complete list of available options;
    • analogues – alternatives to the selected program.

    The main advantage is the real reviews of people who use the monitored system. You will be able to study their practical experience and finally make a decision on a particular web product.

    Today, without the HelpDesk platform, it is impossible to imagine any functional site or a serious commercial organization. After taking a few minutes to study the rankings, you will most likely find a solution that will simplify your workflow and increase the overall efficiency of your team.

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