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    Monitoring the position of the site in various search engines is the most important question that site owners and SEO specialists ask. Checking the results of issuance allows you to understand how well a particular project is progressing, what is the gap or advantage over competitors, what needs to be done to improve the situation. The network provides many services for tracking the position of the site in popular search engines. Each of them has its own capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Below is the TOP 10 search analytics platforms, the study of which will help in choosing the best option for a particular project.

    Why do we need services for determining the positions of sites?

    As mentioned above, checking the results of issuance in Google or Yandex allows you to control the effectiveness of the promotion of a particular site. In this way, the site owner can adjust his development strategy, as well as inform SEO specialists about shortcomings.

    The easiest way to check is to collect about 30 key phrases and use them to identify current positions in Google or Yandex. As a rule, when compiling content, the most popular requests are taken into work, allowing a new project to break into the TOP of the issue. This monitoring method is good because it is completely free and does not require special skills. However, everything is not so simple.

    First of all, with this approach, the site positions are checked manually. It takes a lot of time and does not allow to take into account all the nuances. A specialized monitoring service is devoid of these shortcomings. It works according to predetermined algorithms. Automated sites are not characterized by fatigue or inattention.

    What projects need position monitoring services?

    By and large, such a verification tool is required when promoting any site. It is recommended to use it for the owners of such platforms:

    • online stores;
    • resources promoting specialized services (construction, cargo transportation, insurance);
    • platforms for booking and paying for tourist services;
    • news portals (both general and thematic);
    • B2B marketing resources;
    • official websites of new IT projects and cryptocurrency startups;
    • resources promoting a little-known product;
    • any content projects.

    In all cases, the analysis of search results in Google and Yandex when entering different queries will allow you to take measures to increase brand awareness and its services. The main thing is to choose a tool that is ideal for specific purposes.

    The best services for monitoring site positions: TOP-10

    All sites presented in the rating differ in the following key parameters:

    • price of one check;
    • minimum payment;
    • conditions of a free tariff for removing positions in Google and Yandex;
    • search engines for which monitoring is carried out;
    • the ability to analyze the mobile version of the Internet resource;
    • the depth of the collection of positions in Google.

    Let’s find out in more detail what a particular service offers to a potential user.

    SE Ranking

    Link to the service –

    An extremely functional service that includes all the necessary options for an SEO specialist. It has the following characteristics:

    One-time check price0.0006-0.001 USD
    Minimum payment
    Free planAfter creating an account, a trial period is given for 2 weeks.
    search enginesYandex, Google, Mail, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube
    Studying the issuance of the mobile versionYes
    Delivery depthup to 200

    In terms of configuration, this service is not much different from the previous one. The user can also set the desired search engine, country and area for position tracking. One of the additional advantages of SE Ranking is the equivalence of search engines. It gives the same depth on both Google and other systems.

    The report contains almost all the necessary information:

    • the frequency of entering queries in Google or other search engine;
    • The URL of the page that is being ranked;
    • the number of search data entry in the TOP lists;
    • it is possible to compare rankings in Google for different periods;
    • there is an option to compare traffic.

    SE Ranking provides other functionality:

    • tracking special Google elements, maps and paid issuance;
    • creating a sub-account that allows you to provide guest access;
    • combined work with auxiliary tools: Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, Bitrix24, Zapier, Google Data Studio, Google Search Console.

    Of the minuses, one can single out perhaps the absence of admixtures of key phrases in the report. Also, the service is somewhat inferior to the competitor described above in terms of the depth of studying positions.

    Read also an overview of 4 useful tools from SE Ranking.



    Link to the service –

    This is a multifunctional tool for tracking the dynamics of website promotion, which has the following key indicators:

    One time check cost
    Minimum paymentFrom $69 per month
    Free planNo
    Search enginesYandex, Google
    Mobile Version TrackingYes
    Delivery depthUp to 100

    If you are looking for a free service for monitoring the position of an Internet resource in Google, then this option, unfortunately, will not work, because it allows you to check sites only for money. However, there are several tariff plans with their own set of features to choose from:

    Price per month USD69149299499
    Number of daily requests

    in Google

    4 0005 0008 00012 000
    Number of rows in the report10 00030 00050 00075 000
    Export rows per month500 0005 000 00015 000 00025 000 000
    Analytics down to the URL levelYes
    Missing phrases when querying Google and YandexYes

    As in other platforms, the user can configure the search engine to check, the country and area of monitoring. It is possible to study the dynamics of competitors and provide access to an unlimited number of users (at no additional charge).

    Of the minuses, one can single out the lack of a free tariff and a not very deep study of requests.



    A good tool for removing the positions of a site with an intuitive interface. The service has the following main characteristics:

    One time check cost3-10 kopecks
    Minimum payment100 rubles
    Free planAfter registration, 1,000 virtual coins are credited to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the site
    Search enginesYandex, Google,, Rambler,
    Mobile Version TrackingNo
    Delivery depthUp to 100

    If desired, the user can check requests in different search engines, customize the issue for a specific country or region. The report contains all the necessary information: from the frequency of key searches to the dynamics of traffic changes. You also have the ability to track positions in the ranking and the nature of their changes. Additional functionality includes:

    • setting the frequency of checking positions;
    • providing guest access;
    • the ability to track any number of sites;
    • connection of Google Analytics statistics (if necessary).

    In addition, the platform has a system of discounts for the purchase of internal virtual coins. The more system currency you buy, the less you pay for the total amount.

    Of the minuses, it can be noted that the AllPositions platform does not work with mobile versions of the site and does not have a very large monitoring depth.


    Сервис для комплексной поисковой аналитики

    Link to the service –

    This tool for analyzing site positions has the following main characteristics:

    Price per check4.9-7 kopecks
    Minimum payment1 ruble
    Free planAfter registration, a bonus of 10 rubles is credited, allowing you to conduct 142 verification operations
    Search enginesGoogle, Yandex, Mail, Sputnik, Bing, Yahoo, Seznam
    Mobile version analysisYes
    Request DepthUp to 1,000

    The site is easily configured for the desired search engine and country for removing positions. The report displays all the necessary information:

    • request frequency;
    • The URL of the page that is ranked when the key is entered;
    • the number of requests in the list of TOP sites;
    • it is possible to compare the ranking of a site in Google for different time periods;
    • there is an option to track traffic;
    • You can export reports to PDF or URL.

    Also, the interface does not raise any complaints when displaying projects in Topvisor. This block contains:

    • date of the last update of the issue rating;
    • dynamics of changes in place in the Google and Yandex rankings;
    • the number of requests for a particular project;
    • button for additional configuration, suspension or deletion of the site to be monitored.

    Of the minuses, a couple of points can be distinguished. The report does not show issuance mixins, which makes it impossible to examine the key entry context. Also, Topvisor is more focused on Google. It is for this search engine that 1,000 positions are issued on request. In Yandex, the removal depth affects only 250 lines.



    Link to the service –

    Another high-quality service that allows you to check the current rating of an online platform in search results. Its main parameters are:

    One time check cost3.2-5 kopecks
    Minimum payment1 rubl
    Free planAfter registration, a bonus of 25 rubles is credited, allowing you to perform up to 500 checks
    Search enginesYandex, Google, Mail, VK
    Mobile Version TrackingYes
    Delivery depthUp to 500

    The platform allows you to remove the positions of an Internet resource in almost any country in the world. If necessary, you can customize the issuance for a specific city or region. If a locality is not on the list, you can contact the support service to resolve this issue.

    Working with the report allows you to monitor all key information:

    • request frequency;
    • the number of impurities in the key phrase;
    • the number of requests in the TOP list;
    • positions for different periods of time;
    • attendance chart.

    If you wish, you can configure the service to issue reports at regular intervals. The Seolib platform supports the ability to monitor the performance of competing resources (without geo-referencing or in a specific area). There is an option to grant guest access.

    Of the minuses, one can single out only a different depth of analysis for search engines. When working with Google, Seolib checks up to 500 positions, while for Yandex, the search depth is only 250 lines.



    Link to the service –

    This is a fairly simple service that even those who have not worked in the field of promoting online platforms will understand without any problems. The site allows you to improve the process of search engine optimization due to its functionality. In its arsenal there are such opportunities:

    1. Tracking positions on the 2nd most popular search engines: Yandex and Google.
    2. Filter by domain areas for selective monitoring of the rating.
    3. The widest selection of tracking regions that are constantly updated.
    4. Viewing the dynamics of changes in the position of the resource in the TOP list for a specific period.
    5. Obtaining mini-reports on competing sites.
    6. Saving reports in CSV.
    7. Providing guest access.

    After creating a profile, the site gives 500 free checks. Further use is subject to a fee of 0.007 USD per check.



    Link to the service –

    A very good tool for tracking the positions of sites that provide services from different areas. The main parameters of this platform are as follows:

    One time check cost
    Minimum paymentFrom $100 per month
    Free planAfter registration, a trial tariff is given for testing the functional tools of the site.
    Search enginesGoogle, Baidu
    Mobile Version TrackingYes
    Delivery depthUp to 200

    Despite the availability of a trial plan, Semrush is aimed at users who are ready to pay for full functionality. The service offers several service packages suitable for different areas of activity:

    1. Pro – $100 per month. Suitable for freelancers, staff managers and young startup owners on a tight budget. Users are provided with more than 40 tools for monitoring the positions of an online resource. It is possible to track the source of traffic from competing sites. You can also find out their place in the Google TOP list and indicators in social networks.
    2. Guru – $200 per month. Focused on small and medium-sized companies, as well as firms working in the field of marketing. By paying the Guru tariff, you can work with advanced content management platforms, branded reports, and the history of all competitor positions in the Google rankings. Also, the user is provided with extended limits.
    3. Business – $400 per month. The optimal tariff for large agencies working in the field of e-commerce. Owners of this package get access to White Labe reports and API. They offer extended limits, as well as the ability to integrate with Google Data Studio.

    If desired, the user can order an individual tariff, which is calculated together with the consultant. There is an option to configure monitoring by country and specific area.

    Of the minuses of the Semrush platform, one can single out that it is almost 100% focused on Google. Of course, this is the most popular search engine, but Yandex support would also be nice.


    Link to the service –

    This review of the TOP sites for tracking the positions of sites in Google, Yandex and other search engines simply could not do without this resource, which offers a wide range of opportunities. This is a great tool for professionals working in the field of online platform promotion, as well as for site owners who do not have specialized skills.

    The functionality of the resource is focused on several key areas:

    1. Search promotion is a set of measures aimed at ensuring that the site is displayed in high positions in Google. The higher the platform is located, the more opportunities to attract customers.
    2. Contextual advertising is an additional tool for promoting a site on Google. With its help, people who make a request in a search engine will be displayed an advertisement with the company’s website. PromoPult will be able to integrate advertising in Yandex Direct and Google Ads.
    3. Targeted advertising is a profile area of promotion designed to reach the target audience in social networks.
    4. Reputation management in Google is a set of measures aimed at finding resources with a negative connotation. PromoPult compiles a report on the analysis carried out and builds a strategy to increase the reputation and place in the search engine rankings.
    5. The selection of SEO tools is one of the main functional vectors of PromoPult. It includes several areas of Internet commerce at once: taking the positions of competitors in Google and Yandex, query clustering, word frequency analysis, and the formation of a semantic core.
    6. Increasing conversion is a separate block of functionality aimed at establishing contact with the target audience and its subsequent motivation to take the necessary actions.

    We must not forget about such an area of ​​work as filling and optimizing the site. In the PromoPult system, you can order texts with the necessary key queries that can bring the resource to the Google TOPs.

    Also read the overview of the possibilities of PromoPult – an automated advertising system for promotion on the Web.



    Link to the service –

    A high-quality service that has all the necessary functionality to increase the position of the platform in the search results of Google and Yandex. It has a whole range of advantages:

    1. No paid subscriptions. The user pays only for a specific check, and does not buy a ready-made tariff.
    2. It is possible to compare the positions of your site with the resource of competitors. In this way, you can highlight areas of backlog and correct errors, which will certainly increase search results in Google.
    3. The presence of a referral system – the platform uses this tool to attract new users, for which it also rewards its promoters. For each referral, LINE.PR-CY accrues bonuses, which can then be used for checks.

    The price of verification for 1 key request is 0.025 rubles. You can customize a specific monitoring area, increasing the possibility of promotion in Google and Yandex.



    Link to the service –

    The last participant in the review, considered one of the best tools in the field of monitoring the positions of Internet platforms in Google and Yandex. The possibilities of the resource are quite extensive and affect different areas of web marketing. Among the main characteristics are the following:

    One time check cost3 kopecks
    Minimum payment1 490 rubles per month
    Free planNo.
    Search enginesYandex, Google
    Mobile Version TrackingNo
    Delivery depthUp to 100

    In the table, we indicated that the resource does not have a free plan. This statement is not 100% correct. The platform can be used for free for automated promotion, but you won’t be able to check the issuance of the site for queries on Google. To get access to at least some of the basic tools, you need to buy one of the subscriptions:


    1 490 rubles per month


    2 990 rubles per month


    11 990 rubles per month

    Results in a report10 00050 000100 000
    Reports per day3 0005 00010 000
    Clustering queries (results in a report)5 00010 00020 000
    Website availability monitoring in Google and Yandex

    (checks per month)

    5 00020 000100 000

    The expediency of buying a specific tariff depends on the field of activity of the company whose website is being promoted, and on the desired list of features.

    As in all previous cases, you can choose between Google and Yandex to monitor the position, as well as set up a geographic area to study competitor sites.

    The list of features includes a standard set:

    • monitoring of reports sent at specified intervals;
    • studying the dynamics of changes in position in the Google rankings;
    • export reports to Excel, OpenOffice, Google Sheets.

    Summing up, it is worth saying that each of the mentioned services has its own functionality suitable for different promotion strategies. You just need to choose the best tool for yourself, and reaching the TOP search positions will happen much faster!

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