Organic social media strategies

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    In the modern world, social networks play a key role in promoting brands, products and services. They allow companies and individuals to find their audience, interact with them and build long-term relationships. However, in a highly competitive environment with constantly changing social media algorithms, developing an effective growth strategy is the key to success. In this article we will look at several strategies, including the rather controversial method of buying subscribers.

    Стратегии органического развития в социальных сетях

    Organic growth

    The foundation of a successful social media presence is organic growth. This means attracting subscribers without using paid tools. Organic growth is achieved by creatingquality contentthat meets the interests of the target audience and encourages them to interact. Key aspects of such a strategy include:

    • Development of a content plan. It is important to develop a content strategy that combines educational, entertaining and commercial posts.
    • Interaction with the audience. Replies to comments, likes and reposts strengthen relationships with subscribers and help attract new ones.
    • Using hashtags. This increases the visibility of posts and attracts new audiences.

    Influencer marketing

    Collaborating with influencers can be an effective way to attract attention to a brand and increase the number of followers. When choosing an influencer for cooperation, it is important to pay attention not only to the number of subscribers, but also to the level of their interaction with the content.

    Advertising campaigns

    Launching advertising campaigns on social networks allows you to quickly increase your reach and attract your target audience. However, to achieve high advertising effectiveness, it is necessary to carefully segment the audience and develop attractive advertising offers.

    Increase subscribers

    Despite some inconsistency in the method of getting subscribers, one cannot deny its effectiveness in the context of a quick start or the need for accelerated development on social networks. The Many Likes service offers its clients a safe and effective tool to achieve their marketing goals on Instagram, helping them reach a new level of interaction with their audience.

    Advantages of the method

    • Rapid audience growth. Getting Instagram followers is an opportunity to quickly increase the number of followers on your page, which can be useful for new accounts trying to quickly make themselves known.
    • Increasing brand awareness. A large number of followers increases brand or personality awareness on social networks, which can attract more organic audiences.
    • Improving social proof. Pages with more followers are perceived as more popular and trusted, which may encourage other users to follow you.
    • Motivation to attract brands and advertisers. High audience numbers can attract the attention of brands and advertisers looking for popular influencers to collaborate with.

    Disadvantages of the method

    • Low interaction. Overwhelmed followers are usually not interested in your content, which results in low engagement in the form of likes, comments, and views.
    • Risk of account blocking. Social networks are constantly fighting against fake accounts and cheating of subscribers, and the use of such methods can lead to blocking or restriction of your account.
    • Reputational risks. If your audience discovers that you have used hype methods, this could have a negative impact on your reputation and trust in your brand or personality.
    • Loss of focus on quality content. Focusing on numbers can distract from creating quality, engaging content that is key to attracting and retaining an organic audience.


    Effective promotion on social networks requires an integrated approach and attention to detail.