Earnings in Tik Tok: 10 methods

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    Tik Tok gives you the opportunity not only to realize your creative abilities, but also to earn money on it. There are many ways to monetize your account. Now we will look at the most common of them.

    заработок в тик ток - фото со студентами

    Of course, before TikTok makes a profit, you need to work hard, for example, use the TikTok mass following and mass liking program to increase the number of subscribers and views. There are several areas in which you can earn money using this site. Some species are associated with popularity and the presence of a large number of subscribers who need to be attracted; others are related to skills and abilities. But even if you have neither skills nor popularity, you can still make a profit.

    • Having a large number of subscribers, you are given the opportunity to earn money by advertising someone’s services or products. Bloggers with fewer followers may also offer you collaborations that will pay money because you are more popular. In some cases, you can even make a profit for native advertising, or supporting some kind of challenge that a certain brand has launched. There are artists who are willing to pay money for you to use their music in your videos.
    • A special type of advertising that brings high profits is cooperation with brands. Some bloggers become the face of a particular company or brand. This imposes certain responsibilities, for example, a blogger must always use this brand in videos. For example, if these are clothes of a famous brand, then the leader of the opinion should always be dressed in this merch.
    • Tik Tok can be monetized by promoting your own business. This is a great place to find clients. And in this case, the monetization will be the purchase of your goods. For example, you can review products from China that are in demand, and at the same time sell them.
    • Although TikTok does not have the ability to post direct links to third-party sites in order to earn on affiliate programs, this method of earning cannot be ruled out. You can place a link to an account in another social network, where there will be affiliate links. Then send traffic to these accounts from Tik Tok. This makes this method of earning a little more difficult, but if you promote really trending things, then users will show interest and follow the links, even if they have to perform several actions.
    • With 1000 or more subscribers, you will be presented with another unique method of earning. You can monetize live broadcasts on Tik Tok. During them, users can express respect to you in the form of coins, which are the internal currency. It can be exchanged for real money and withdrawn to a bank card. However, you must be 18 years old in order for the site to allow you to monetize. If you have not reached the age of majority, then you can earn in this way only with the permission of your parents.
    • If you are not able to achieve popularity on Tik Tok, try other methods of earning money. For example, you can promote other people’s accounts. To master this skill, it is enough to take training in marketing and advertising. So you can attract the target audience for money.
    • If you are a creative person, then your abilities can also be appreciated. For example, you can write scripts for videos. If it is something unique and interesting, then they will be in high demand.
    • You can monetize your skills in video processing and editing. Some bloggers hire specialists for this to save their time.
    • Often bloggers take on assistant managers who will search for advertisers, as negotiations with them require a lot of time.
    • But even if all of the above seems difficult and overwhelming to you. There is a simple method of earning money – completing tasks related to promotion. The list of such sites for making money on TikTok is in the article “Cheat likes and followers on TikTok: TOP of the best free and paid services.” These are services where you can receive monetary rewards for completing simple tasks for money, for example, likes or watching videos. Although this method will not bring you high incomes, its advantage is that you have a free schedule.
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