How to make a delayed post in Telegram using a bot?

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    All owners of groups or pages are used to auto-posting on other social networks and do not understand how to create a Telegram channel and not use automation. In some social networks, delayed posts are a built-in feature, and for the rest, many services have been working for a long time. In Telegram, auto-posting works a little differently, but setting it up is not difficult even for a beginner.

    If you manage many channels and social networks at once, it’s better to stop at the service for auto-posting to many social networks / channels at once – SMMplanner.

    Bots for auto-posting and other tasks

    For channel owners, special bots have long been developed that simplify channel management in Telegram. In addition to the auto-posting function, they will help you create formatted posts, polls, etc. To make a delayed recording, you need to activate the bot by connecting it to your channel. Do not be afraid to do this, no one will steal your data, since Telegram takes care of security.

    Before connecting, you need to select any “combine” bot that performs several functions for the channel at once. You can choose absolutely any and the autoposting setting will be identical, but I advise you to use @ControllerBot, as it is very popular and is constantly being improved. More than 50 thousand channels in Telegram have connected it, so at least use it for a test, and then choose it yourself.

    Step-by-step instructions for connecting ControllerBot

    • Go to the Telegram application and enter the name of the bot in the search: ControllerBot. Please note that scammers are trying to create bots similar in name, they will often come across in your search, but for safety reasons, ignore them.
    • Press the “Start” button and select the language
    • Select from its list or manually enter the “/add” command
    • You will receive instructions on how to connect the bot to your channel. But first you need to create your own bot through which the ControllerBot will work
    • Follow the link or search for “@BotFather” and immediately click “Start”
    • Unfortunately, the bot is in English, but this is not important for our tasks. Select from its list of commands or manually enter “/newbot”
      newbot в телеграм
    • Come up with and enter any name for the new bot, for example, “MyRabCanalBot”. At the end of the link must be “bot”, otherwise it will not be missed.
    • Now you have to enter a link to the bot, by which it can be found in the search. Enter anything, for example, “MyRabCanalBot”. At the end of the link should be “Bot”, otherwise it will not be missed.
    • A new bot has been created and you will immediately receive a message with important information, at the end of which there is a token we need, it will be useful for many tasks.
    • Copy the token and return to the ControllerBot. The token must be sent as a response message.
    • Go to your channel, then open the channel information window.
    • Click the “Gear” icon in the upper right corner to go to the main settings
    • Select “Administrators” and click the “Add Administrator” button.
    • In the search, enter the name of the created bot, in my case it is “MyRabCanalBot”.
    • If necessary, remove the extra checkboxes that are responsible for the capabilities of the bot, but it is better to leave them by default.
    • Once again we return to the ControllerBot, for the final stage. You need to forward any message from the channel, send a short link or channel id. For example, a link to your channel “@CanalAuto” and the connection is completely completed, you can get to work.

    For autoposting to work correctly, the bot will ask you for the name of your city, put “Moscow”, as this time is suitable for most subscribers. The name of the city must be entered by yourself, there is no list here. The bot will ask if the time zone is correct and all the necessary settings are over.

    Create posts using connected bots

    If everything is connected correctly, then you can try to publish a post, and also find out how auto-posting works in Telegram.

    • Open the ControllerBot if you closed it and select the channel in which you want to publish a post.
    • For example, your channel and you will be redirected to a bot that is connected to the channel as an administrator. Press the “Start” button and get brief information about the current settings.
    • Enter any text or upload an image/video to create your first post and click Submit. Emoji emoticons and stickers are also allowed.
    • If necessary, we attach reactions, button URLs and other features offered by the bot.
    • Click “Next” in the lower right corner of the screen
    • You can publish a post right now, postpone it for a certain time, and even set a timer for self-destruction. Click the “Delay” button
    • The publication time can be specified in several ways, using the buttons or manually entering the date and time of the publication of the post.

    I prefer the second option as it is faster and more convenient. Use this format to specify the date: 12 10 5 12 (hours minutes day month). In this case, the post will be released at 12:10 on December 5, and of course this year.

    The post is ready and postponed for the time you choose. You can immediately create the following posts, as you can see, it does not take much time.

    автопостинг в телеграм бесплатно

    If necessary, you can see all pending posts in Telegram using the command or the “Manage posts” button. You will get a list of all posts and you can edit the time or delete the entry. If necessary, you can even edit a published post, for this you only need to forward the bot message directly from your channel, and then send the correct text.

    Of course, not everyone considers the “Controller Bot” the most ideal option, but I think that it is quite suitable for most Telegram channel owners. He has technical support and a development team that is constantly improving and removing all kinds of errors. There are many other good bots, but very often I find that they are simply abandoned by the creators.

    If you think about security, then I do not see any risks here, since the bot has indirect access to your channel, but through your admin bot. In addition, Telegram is the most secure messenger that stops all possible ways to obtain or use someone else’s information, even the FSB cannot access user messages.

    Why use delayed posts in Telegram?

    If you have never used auto-posting in Telegram, then I assure you, it is difficult to live without it. Any subscriber will tell you that they like regular and timely posts. All social networks use delayed posts, some even have it as a built-in feature. In large communities, posts come out every hour or two, no matter the day or night, weekend or New Year. Without the auto-posting feature, you would have to hire an employee, or even two, to post on time when you sleep or go on vacation.

    автопостинг в телеграм с помощью бота

    Postponed posts will allow you to leave even for a few weeks, having previously prepared material for subscribers. Just create the required number of posts and upload them to the bot, they will be released at exactly the appointed time every day. I can’t understand the owners who don’t use this feature and post posts only during the day and immediately in a bunch. This is irrational and inconvenient for readers who like to look at their smartphone every 10-20 minutes and look for something new there.

    Auto-posting is simply indispensable for channel promoters who run 5-10 or even more channels. They create posts at the beginning of the week and prepare them for several days at once in order to do more important and profitable business.

    About Other Bot Controller Features

    In addition to auto-posting, the bot will delight you with additional features for creating formatted posts, buttons, and some statistics on the dynamics of the number of subscribers.

    • Now you will be able to format text with handy tags just like in HTML. You can make text bold, italic, remove previews from links, or even make a whole list of them.
    • You can make reactions that are the same buttons as like, but you can create several of them on one post, and attach any emoji emoticon instead of a heart. You can choose up to 6 different emojis, many owners use it like on YouTube, where you can either like or dislike the video.

    An example post with a reaction:

    • You can add buttons to the post, just like bots. To do this, click “Add button URL” when creating a post, and then enter their name and a link where they will lead.


    Button Name 1 – Link 1

    Our website –

    Links can be added both internal and external, but if the link leads to the site, then the buttons will have an arrow in the upper right corner.

    • You can see statistics that will show how your number of subscribers changes over a certain period. Go to the Bot Controller and click the “Statistics” button in the menu, then select which channel you need statistics for and for what period.

    The bot will give statistics in a text message and visual graphics, by the way, you can share it.


    How does delayed posting work in Telegram?

    For delayed posting in Telegram, you can use special functions and tools in the application. You need to create a post or message and then select the option to “Schedule Posting” or “Delay”. After that, set the date and time when you want your message to be sent and confirm the action. As a result, your post will be automatically sent at the selected time.

    Which Telegram bot to choose for delayed posting?

    There are several options for bots for delayed posting in Telegram. Some of the popular bots include “Scheduling bot”, “TelegramScheduler”, “ControllerBot” and others. The choice of a particular bot depends on your preferences and requirements, so it is recommended to research their functionality, ratings and user reviews in order to choose the right option.

    How to auto-post in Telegram for free?

    For free auto-posting in Telegram, you can use some online services and tools, for example, “ControllerBot”. However, it is important to keep in mind that free plans may have limits on the number of posts or available features. If you need advanced functionality, you may need to turn to paid versions or other specialized tools.

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