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Bitcoin Exchange: Finding a Reliable Exchange

Как обеспечить безопасность криптовалюты? Read more →

Vladyslava Rykova

3 harmful stereotypes about money that you should forget about

crm система для бизнеса Read more →

Vladyslava Rykova

How to start a business in Dubai

Как открыть бизнес в Дубае

Opening a business in Dubai can be an attractive option for foreign investors and entrepreneurs due to favorable tax conditions, strategic location and high level of infrastructure development. Moreover, businessmen have the opportunity to buy a ready-made business in Dubai with the ability to manage it on the same rights as local entrepreneurs. Read more →

Vladyslava Rykova

Electronic Digital Signatures to Improve Business Performance

The world moves fast and no one has time to do certain things, so efforts often need to be justified and match the desired results. Then why not look for effective solutions? Read more →

Vladyslava Rykova

How to open a coffee shop. What is required for a coffee business?

The coffee shop market has grown and matured over the past couple of years, but it is still in its infancy. According to experts, this market segment is filled only by 20-30%. This is evidenced by the lack of free tables in the best coffee houses in Kyiv. Now there are several new ones in the city every year. But even if you do not take into account the fashion trend, the coffee business will bring a steady income, as many people after drinking a cup of gourmet coffee come to their favorite place regularly. So, it’s decided, you want to build your business on a flavored drink? Then you should learn a few features of this intricate craft.
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