Vladyslava Rykova

Horoshop – a cloud platform for creating online stores

Horoshop — is a SaaS platform for creating online stores. It will be useful for entrepreneurs who want to go online, but at the same time do not plan to spend months of time and thousands of dollars on it. Good for newbie stores with a dozen products, as well as for big players like Prostor, MasterZoo and Serebro.ua. Read more →

Vladyslava Rykova

Step-by-step instructions for choosing and registering a domain

A domain name is the address of a web resource on the network. The domain was invented to replace the IP address of numbers and dots, which is difficult to remember and looks unaesthetic. If the site has its own unique name, it can say a lot about the theme of the project. It’s time to study the question of how to choose, check a domain and register it – believe me, this is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.
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Vladyslava Rykova

TOP 13 modern ways to speed up site indexing

Most traffic comes to sites that do not have problems with indexing. How to speed up indexing using simple methods proven in practice by hundreds of specialists? Read more →

Vladyslava Rykova

Crowd Marketing: Natural Website Promotion

Is there little or bad talk about your company? Do you need to raise the brand image and increase site visits several times? Pay attention to crowd marketing! This set of measures, through the introduction of modern legal methods and the use of natural link mass, will bring a large number of loyal target users to your site. Read more →

Vladyslava Rykova

What Is “Fast Hosting” And What Does It Depend On

It’s no secret that website loading speed is very important. According to research, a visitor will not wait more than 3 seconds for a site to open. Fast rendering is also one of the factors that determine the position of a page in Google SERPs. Read more →

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