Marketing Training

If you are interested in marketing services, see the full list and cost on the website of the Internet marketing agency MAVR.

If you are interested in corporate training in marketing or my personal mentoring, then there are such training plans:

1. Internet Marketing

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Marketing funnel, tap chain
  • Internet Marketing Strategy Planning
  • Contextual advertising: types, goals, pros, and cons
  • Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of Internet marketing tools

As a result:

  • You can sell to different types of customers.
  • Learn contact capture mechanisms.
  • Learn the features of various marketing tools.
  • Get specific methods and techniques to attract new customers.
  • Understand what mistakes you made in the past in marketing.
  • Learn modern marketing tools.

2. Neuromarketing

3. Content Marketing

4. Personal brand of the leader for career and business

5. Control of contractors, control of budgets

  • analysis of basic reporting in Google Analytics
  • analysis of the effectiveness of Google Ads advertising
  • do-it-yourself SEO audit

I conduct training offline or online by prior agreement.

To get a really high-quality result from the training, you must adhere to the algorithm: the first stage is to determine the goal that you are pursuing with the help of a questionnaire. The second stage is the preparation of an individual training program for you, depending on the results of the survey.

Trained by Vladyslava Rykova

Владислава Рыкова

Founder of the marketing agency MAVR

10 years of experience in internet marketing

Business Degree “Master of Business Administration” (MBA)

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Phone.: +380676451078

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