Corporate Training: “Copywriting. Writing Sales Texts”

This course will be relevant and useful to companies who:

  • wants to figure out how to create effective selling texts for any communications;
  • is looking for exclusive information from professionals that will help to stand out and become successful in the market.

The course on copywriting includes such lectures:

  • Terminology. What are we selling in the text?
  • Stages of writing a sales text.
  • Research before starting work on the text.
  • How to write a title? 7 types of headers (blanks).
  • Tips for writing catchy headlines.
  • Problematic paragraph.
  • Description of benefits. How to use the item’s multifunctionality?
  • Sale price.
  • Sale action.
  • Strengthening texts.
  • Neurocopywriting.
  • Copywriting for social networks with analysis of the correct texts for Promotions (in 2 parts).
  • Copywriting in SEO or what is LSI copywriting.
  • Naming.
Bonus block – Content for social networks

  • Content strategy for social networks.
  • Basic principles of good content.
  • Types of content for social networks + examples.
  • Stages of a content strategy.
  • Sources for content selection.
  • What is a content plan and what does it look like?
  • How to distribute content?

What will you learn about?

  • How to properly plan the stages of writing a selling text;
  • How to collect and analyze the necessary information;
  • How to write an effective text structure;
  • How to describe the benefits to the target audience;
  • How to sell the price in various ways;
  • How to sell an action, achieve the main goal with which a selling text is written.

You can easily use in your texts practical skills + “chips” that I have gained over 10 years of work as a copywriter.

Also, you will receive BONUSES:
  • Workbook for the student of the intensive course “Copywriting”, with which you can independently perform practical tasks.
  • Presentations “Copywriting”, “Neurocopywriting”, “SEO and LSI copywriting” – contains basic information.
  • Additional material “Steps of writing a sales copy” – You can use it as a desktop guide when creating sales texts.

How much does a corporate copywriting course cost?

Write to me at with information about your company so that I can calculate the cost of the course specifically for your niche.

Also, you can find examples of lectures in the playlist

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