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Using metaphors when handling customer objections

How does the “metaphor” method work in sales? As we know, a metaphor is a figurative comparison, a kind of story that has an analogy with what is happening at the moment, for example, with the client’s thoughts. In practice, it looks like this: we tell a story, after which we draw a conclusion (state a request) that should convince the consumer to take a certain action, for example, purchase our product.
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Vladyslava Rykova

TOP 15 best sites for making money on tasks on the Internet without investments in 2023

Sites for completing tasks for money

Tempting offers of sites for completing tasks for money immediately attract the attention of a wide audience. Such resources allow you to earn money on the Internet without much effort, carrying out simple activities at your computer. As a rule, simple requests require only access to the Web and a sufficient amount of free time. Read more →

Vladyslava Rykova

Targeted Mailings – Help In Scaling Ukrainian Business

SMS mailings are a convenient and multifunctional tool for communication with customers. To send only relevant offers, it is important to understand the interests of the audience. Read more →

Vladyslava Rykova

ChatGPT in marketing: Open up new opportunities for your business

ChatGPT в сфері інтернет-маркетингу

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that utilizes an advanced machine learning model capable of generating human-like text on various topics. This model was developed by OpenAI using the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) architecture and trained on a large corpus of text from the internet.
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Vladyslava Rykova

Layout of email letters and work with images in email marketing

шаблон электронного письма

When creating an email newsletter, you need to take care not only of text information, but also of the design of the letter. The important components are:

  • unity of style, for brand recognition;
  • layout of html letters: selection of fonts and styling of the text at;
  • proper use of images.

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