Editorial Policy

Please read these rules before submitting an article. My blog contains useful information for beginners in the field of Internet marketing and practitioners, as well as materials for businessmen. I will be happy to accept a good publication if it meets all of the requirements below.

What is the benefit of posting on this blog?

By publishing an article, you will receive:

  • unobtrusive PR – tell a new audience about your experience in business, you can interest people;
  • a link from a reliable resource – search engines have a positive attitude towards my site;
  • the editor’s rating of the article and the opinion of the people who read it.

Guest posting on the blog will have a beneficial effect on your promotion.

What to write about?

The site already has a blog with certain headings. Focus on them when preparing an article:

  • PPS;
  • SEO;
  • SMM;
  • business;
  • marketing.

I also publish various interesting infographics and statistics. You can prepare material on these topics, as well as touch on related topics, such as web design, ideas and tips for business, website development, and online sales. Articles about Internet marketing trends are also popular: innovations and the latest achievements in this area.

Text Requirements

If you write an article according to these rules, we will publish it on the blog shortly. Primary requirements:

  • uniqueness;
  • literacy;
  • relevance;
  • expertise.

The size of the text depends on the topic and has no clear limits, but I do not believe that an expert article can be less than 3000 characters without spaces. Look at existing blog posts to get a sense of the scope. Also, the text needs to be beautifully formatted. I will describe what I expect to see in the articles, in more detail.


Prepare material based on your own experience, and not copy information from the Internet. The article must be written personally for my blog. You can not publish it on other resources.

If during the verification process I find out that the material has already been published, I will refuse to place you. Usually, there are no problems with uniqueness if the article is written by oneself.


This applies not only to the topic being described but also to the text itself. Good work does not contain spelling, punctuation, and other errors, as well as typos and logical inconsistencies.

Everyone makes mistakes because texts are written by people, not machines. Service “Spelling” or the like will help you identify typos. Check that the text does not contain complex phrases and bureaucrats. Do not pursue a certain assessment of the service, but simply study its recommendations.


The chosen topic should be interesting so that readers will like it. Therefore, try to write about the fresh experience, new tools, and “chips” found in the work. Use the latest research in the field and attach only reasonable links, for example, to all figures and other accurate data.

Check out the articles already on my blog and look for a topic that hasn’t been covered yet. So you will find an interesting idea.


Let the reader know that you have experience. To do this, use your own examples, take visual screenshots, and write in the first person. Good fit:

  • checklists;
  • various tops;
  • useful selections.

You need information that your colleagues can put into practice or potential clients can study to understand the topic. Personal opinion is welcome, as long as it is not offensive.


Be sure to break the text into small paragraphs, up to 6 lines. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the reader to perceive the information.

In addition, add subheadings, and bulleted and numbered lists. Highlight important words or direct speech of an expert with a quote. Add tables – they help to quickly study the issue.


Make sure that all text is written in the same font. Do not overuse emphasis (bold or italics).

Add pictures to text. If this is not a personal image, a photo taken from the Internet is added to it by reference to the original source. Required high quality, no logos, and prohibited content.

What doesn’t fit

The first is advertising. If the entire text is focused on promoting a specific product and does not benefit the reader, I will not publish it. This includes press releases and post-releases. Ads cause negative feedback from readers.

The second is a description of dubious promotion methods, tools, etc. I welcome only legal, “white hat” methods of promotion on the Internet. About “gray” and “black” methods can be mentioned in passing, for informational purposes only.

If you sent the text, it does not guarantee its publication. It may need to be modified or even rewritten. If the proposal is rejected, you can use your article as you wish – all copyrights remain with you, and I do not publish material “behind your back”.

Publication process

Consists of several steps:

  1. Topic selection. We recommend that you agree on it before writing, so as not to waste time in vain. It’s good if you provide the topic and structure of the article (plan) by e-mail – info@vlada-rykova.com marked “Blog article”.
  2. Article writing. Use the requirements described above so that it turns out to be of high quality and suits the main parameters.
  3. Text editing. We make sure to check articles before publishing them. Therefore, the work can be sent for revision. Just make changes and send it again. Less often, the editor can correct errors on his own, having first coordinated them with you.
  4. Article publication. Terms are discussed with you individually. On the agreed day and time, we will definitely publish the work – you will receive an announcement by mail. People will begin to evaluate it, and share it on social networks – follow these events.

The guest post will include the name of the author and a link to your site. Talk about posting an article on your social networks or your own website – this will positively affect your reputation and increase the trust of both people and search engines.

I have the right to refuse publication without explanation by reply letter. Materials cannot violate the law.

I hope that your article will complement the blog and bring you fresh traffic, and interesting expert content for me. I am waiting for suggestions by mail – info@vlada-rykova.com!

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