What Is Website Optimization And Promotion?

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    Some website development customers think that after its creation, it immediately attracts the attention of potential customers. But this is far from true. After all, someone must learn about a new web resource. Moreover, search engines do not immediately begin to index a beginner. Finally, if the site does not meet the search engine requirements, it may not be included in the index at all. Accordingly, there can be no talk of getting into the leaders of search results for relevant queries.

    In fact, an unoptimized and unpromoted resource is similar to a store opened in a nondescript alleyway without signs and identification marks. To get into it, you need to know the address. But where can you find such information? Probably, for dealers of illicit drugs, this situation is ideal – usually, those who need them always look for such places. But not for a selling site, which was created to make a profit. Therefore, for network users to visit a web resource, it is necessary to optimize and promote it.

    взаимосвязи в SEO-исследованиях

    Whom to entrust to the promotion of your site?

    To perform work on website optimization and its promotion, certain experience and high qualification of performers are required. After all, it is important not only to send traffic to the site but also to achieve its maximum quality. It must be attended by representatives of the target audience for which it is designed. Relatively speaking, what’s the use of vegetarians in a butcher shop?

    Therefore, to solve such a problem, it is worth contacting the real masters of their craft. Professional promotion of sites is a sure way to bring your web resource to the TOP-10 or even TOP-5 of search results for relevant queries within the minimum possible period without extra costs. And this, for a moment, is 95% of all potential customers! This is how many network users view only the first page of search results. So the leaders get almost everything.

    The gained reputation and authority must be constantly maintained. Otherwise, “young and zealous” beginners will quickly displace the site from the first positions, obtained if not by “blood and sweat”, then at the cost of considerable effort.

    What the customer needs to know about website optimization and promotion

    The site, if professional developers were not involved in its creation, is “born” completely helpless and can easily get lost in the vastness of the World Wide Web. However, you can promote any resource, both new and already exist for a long time. There would be desire and professionalism.

    There is an opinion that promotion specialists are unlikely to be able to thoroughly understand the specifics of the client’s business without knowledge in this area. In fact, they do not need it, the analysis is carried out from a slightly different point of view. No one is going to study, for example, the technology of making pizza or the organization of the production of medicines. In fact, the pros and cons of sites of direct competitors that are leading in search results are evaluated. Also, you can not do without studying their link profile, as well as determining the level of competition in the selected segment. Based on the data obtained, the resource is transformed into a competitive and successful business tool that will bring considerable profit to its owner.

    How the site is “displayed” to people, that is, to the TOP of search results

    Work is carried out in several stages:

    1. First, the site is analyzed for its compliance with the requirements of search engines. There are more than a hundred such criteria. Without internal optimization, that is, eliminating errors that make it difficult to index and rank a site, it is impossible to bring it to the TOP of search results.
    2. Next, the niche occupied is analyzed, after which work begins on filling the web resource. Its semantic core is assembled, based on keywords, which are sorted by the frequency of network users entering queries relevant to the subject of the site.
    3. The structure of the site is formed, in which each page is associated with a specific key. For example, if an online store is being developed, then under the keywords most frequently typed by users, pages corresponding to product categories are usually allocated. Medium frequency keys are sent to the filter pages, and low-frequency keys are sent to cards of specific commodity items (they describe their properties).
    4. Work is underway on external optimization – the growth of the reference mass, and the formation of proper authority among search engines. As a result, for a certain time (at least six months), the site is gradually promoted to the TOP of the issue.
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