14 books and 10 films about PR

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    Have you decided to connect your life with PR? Congratulations, now the reputation and image of the company is in your hands. Remember that PR is a delicate matter. A positive image of the company is created over the years, and can be destroyed in a matter of hours.

    We offer you a selection of books and films for intensive development and inspiration in the field of PR!

    Books about PR

    1. High-flying PR. How to make a star out of a top manager”, I. Alekseeva, T. Gulyaeva.

    Authors-practitioners have collected the most effective PR tools and important instructions for you. Here, all the most necessary PR basics are laid out on the shelves. This book is very “about the practice.”

    1. PR is 100%. How to become a good PR manager”, M. Gorkina, A. Mamontov, I. Mann

    In this book, the authors, based on their own 10 years of experience in marketing, have described only the most effective PR methods. These are not only practical recommendations, but also vivid examples from our own practice, humor and basic theory. The book will help you learn the basics of public relations and get acquainted with the main advertising tools in a short time.

    1. PR in real time: Trends”. Cases. Rules, Mikhail Umarov

    How to live as a PR specialist in a world where people every day one way or another encounter different brands 5,000 times a day?

    The book will help you take a fresh look at communication with journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders. It will teach you how to count the apparent ghostly effectiveness (perhaps the most slippery topic in PR). Perhaps it will change your view of social networks and, I want to believe, it will make your work easier both online and offline: after all, the most important thing for a PR specialist is still live communication.

    1. Media relations at 100%: the art of interacting with the press“, Nazaikin A.

    The book deals with the main aspects of organizing editorial messages in the press, the Internet, radio and television. Based on domestic and foreign experience, the author explains in detail and popularly what and how an employee of a company or press service should do in order to achieve coverage of the activities of his organization in the media. Much attention is paid to the functioning of the media, as well as organizing an informational occasion, creating materials for publication, disseminating information among journalists, choosing specialists, organizing and evaluating work with the press.

    1. Measuring media relations: how to evaluate the contribution of PR to the success of a company“, Ralph Leinemann.

    The book presents tools and methods for quantifying the effectiveness of companies’ PR activities – a system for measuring the profitability of funds invested in creating a brand. The publication is replete with examples from the experience of leading researchers and PR agencies, as well as case studies from the practice of world-class corporations.

    1. 5 steps from a manager to a PR director“, Marina Gorkina

    The book talks about how to make a career in business PR. The recommendations given in it will tell both the novice and the experienced public relations manager what steps he can take to further advance in the profession.

    1. Propisannye Truths. Why not everyone can do the obvious”, M. Umarov

    The author explains how to properly plan a PR campaign and get the maximum result using the basic tools. In this book, you can learn how to work in crisis situations; how to write news that resonates; how to create topics that become social trends and reach the end consumer. As an example, the author cites the activities of PR-specialists of the leading operator of telecommunications services “Beeline”.

    1. 22 Laws of Brand Building“, L. Rice

    Have you ever heard of brands like Coca Cola, Samsung and BMW? These brands, created decades ago, still occupy the top of the pyramid in their market segment. This US best-selling book will show you how to positively differentiate your new product/service from the competition and turn an ordinary brand into a successful brand.

    1. Practical PR. How to become a good PR manager. Version 3-0”, A. Mamontov

    The book is written by an advertising industry practitioner. She develops the idea that PR is not limited to working with the media and the number of publications, and that a real PR person is a manager, not a press release writer. In his book, the author teaches how to find a harmonious balance between routine work and the creative process. He also explains how to constantly find new non-standard methods of public relations and build relationships with management to increase the role of PR in the life of the company.

    1. Advertising and Public Relations. Image, reputation, brand”, A. Chumikova

    To successfully launch a new product on the market, you need to create its image, create a positive reputation, and then – a strong brand. The book “Advertising and Public Relations” is a training manual that takes into account modern realities as much as possible and rethinks the outdated basics of PR. The author describes theoretical concepts in a simple form and gives vivid examples that will help advertising industry specialists learn how to create a successful brand in the domestic market.

    1. Reputation management: modern approaches and technologies“, L. Salnikova

    Creating a positive image and promoting a brand is only half the task. An important part of a PR campaign is “reputation management”. This book examines in detail the parameters and components of business reputation, methods for its quantitative and qualitative assessment, the main characteristics of target audiences such as the media, authorities, the business community, investors, company employees and the general public. Such management becomes especially relevant in times of crisis, when it is necessary to minimize losses and save the company’s reputation. Using examples, the author tells how to strengthen the authority of the organization and promote its promotion.


    1. Brand Engagement” by Alex Wipperfurth

    The book introduces the principles of marketing and PR on the example of Palm, Starbucks, eBay, Red Bull. You will learn about ingenious advertising campaigns, where the product is not imposed on the buyer, but allowed to “discover” it on their own. Such advertising campaigns are much more difficult to implement, but they give a much stronger effect. The very idea that the consumer is tired of marketing and should be heeded deserves attention. The book is not new, but the ideas are relevant to this day.

    1. Media man. Technologies for impeccable performance in the press, on radio and television”, Sergey Kuzin and Oleg Ilyin

    How to build effective communications that meet business goals, communicate with the media correctly, learn how to answer “trap” questions – the authors of the book tell about this through case studies, research, advice from leading journalists and newsmakers.

    1. Presentation Mastery”, Alexey Kapterev

    The title of the book speaks for itself, every PR specialist should be able to make interesting presentations and represent their brand. You will learn how to merge all the components of a presentation into a single whole: structure, dramaturgy, design and performance technique. And also how to get more out of your presentations: more emotions, more adventures, more challenges and more results.

    Films about PR

    1. «They smoke here»

    The main character is engaged in PR of tobacco, saying that it is harmless. No, not that all PR people are cynical bastards should be taken away from this film. But rather, the fact that there are no complex products and uninteresting PR reasons, it all depends on the ability to present them. In addition, the film teaches the management of PR campaigns and the fact that there are no hopeless situations, because positive thinking is the key to success in any business.

    1. Election Day” and “Election Day 2

    День выборовAbout PR technologies in Russian conditions, or about how to ensure the victory of a candidate who no one knows in the region, a month before the elections. The reality is shown very truthfully: there are also impulsively made peremptory decisions that have to be reckoned with, and the figure of a candidate with a dubious past, who needs to be presented in a favorable light, administrative resources, opposing interests, banal negligence and human indifference. PR must be ready for anything!

    1. «Phone booth»

    The opening of the film focuses on the public career of journalist Stu Shepherd (Colin Farrell). However, further the plot of the film moves to a telephone booth, the hero of which becomes a prisoner. On the other end of the line is a serial killer with a sniper rifle threatening to shoot Stu if he hangs up. The topic of manipulation is certainly close to PR specialists, and therefore this film should definitely be included in the list of the best PR films.

    1. Wag” (“Tail wagging the dog“)

    ПлутовствоThe film, starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro, tells the story of a fictitious war, which was invented and cleverly carried out by the PR specialist of the American president. There are political elections on the nose, and the rating of the incumbent president is rapidly falling. To divert public attention from existing problems, the threat of some Albanian terrorist group that does not exist in reality is quickly invented, and thus the need to involve the United States in the war is justified. Staged patriotic military videos, pseudo-interviews are filmed, songs are written about the soldiers of a fictitious war, and even the throwing of American saboteurs into Albania is imitated.

    1. Jerry Maguire

    One day, sports agent Jerry comes up with a brilliant and revolutionary idea: you need to take fewer clients, get less money, but work harder and take better care of your charges. A position that deserves respect, none of Jerry’s colleagues wants to support. All methods of work are good for them. As a result, Maguire is out of work, but decides to create his own company and is very successful in his endeavor. The film contains many useful rules for PR-specialists.

    1. Sweet Smell of Success

    Filmed in 1957, the film is no less relevant to this day. The dodgy head of PR agency Sidney Falco is determined to please the evil newspaper columnist J.J. Hunsecker. The picture shows the close relationship between journalism and PR.

    1. Jersey Girl

    Working in PR is not easy. The person is under constant pressure. To cope with this, high stress resistance and inveterate workaholism are required. Living in such a rhythm is not for everyone. Ollie Trinke is a successful Manhattan music PR man who seems to have it all. But life changes tragically when the hero remains a single father. Ollie loses his job, luck turns away from him. Having passed certain life tests, he again returns to his work, without which he cannot live.

    1. Candidate


    A wonderful film about how a PR specialist can create a candidate from a very “modest material”. The film shows the full power of the profession – a PR man can deftly twist the truth – both for good and for harm. This picture won an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

    1. Primary colors

    Another film about a political consultant helping candidates on their path to politics. The main idea of the film is that even worthy applicants are forced to go to immoral deeds in order to succeed in this exhausting political show. The film is simply riddled with the topic of public relations, so it will certainly be interesting and educational for PR specialists.

    1. The entire presidential army

    This film is based on the documentary footage of journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of The Washington Post, who unearthed facts about the machinations on the eve of the election of President Richard Nixon in 1972 and staged the “Watergate scandal” that ended in the shameful resignation of the White House administration. The film provides many useful tips for crisis management PR agencies.

    Happy reading and viewing!

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