Product photography ideas that are sure to help anyone with an Instagram account

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    Do you want to sell goods online? Take good quality photography!

    We are constantly faced with a situation where the Client wants to promote on Instagram or other social networks, but he does not have high-quality photos! And no, a photo from an online store of goods on a white background will not work in this case! In social networks, the composition is important, to convey the volume, texture, weight and other characteristics of the product and at the same time arouse the desire of your target audience to buy!

    Without high-quality photos of goods, it’s better not to meddle in social networks in order to sell something!

    Creating spectacular shots that stimulate a potential customer to purchase a product should be trusted to professionals. But it is not always possible to use the services of a photographer. If necessary, we do photo shoots for our Clients and in this article we will tell you how to do a subject shooting yourself. Let’s share ideas for different product categories.

    Follow our recommendations and then success and excellent pictures are guaranteed to you.

    идеи для предметной фотосъемки

    Where to do subject shooting?

    They say that product photography requires you to take it in a studio or a special place. In reality, home space is enough to work with product photography. Turn on your imagination, and the kitchen table, combined with a couple of simple light bulbs, will turn into a lightbox.

    Subject definition

    The implementation of the idea for subject photography directly depends on the photographer. Product photography requires a non-standard approach, because. household items need to be revealed from the inside, imagination will help in this. A creative approach with complete control of thought will help to realize a bold idea.

    At first, objects that reflect light (polished surfaces, glass) should be avoided.

    Definition of a comfortable background

    The determining factor in the success of the idea of subject photography, the success of the shots, is the background of the plot. It should be simple and light, without pressure, then it will not interfere. An ideal option would be a monochromatic and color photophone, perhaps a wall with an even color.

    Take care to have a contrast between the background and the subject, or vice versa, create a harmonious environment with the addition of shades that complement the flavor of your subject.

    Light settings, lighting equipment

    There is an opinion that in order to get high-quality pictures, you need expensive lighting, a full set of studio lights. This statement is refuted by the excellent results of the implementation of the idea of subject shooting, obtained using standard lamps.

    It is best to use natural light by the window. After all, the light of the lamps can leave unpleasant shadows.

    Composition in still photography

    When choosing a subject, the photographer must highlight its revealing features, understand the need to create a composition with other things, or shoot it separately. At this stage, you need to experiment, the assault on the composition will give an unpredictable result.

    There are types of frame construction:

    1. Minimum

    Use the minimum amount of detail when taking photographs. The ideal option is one object.


    1. Chaos.

    Don’t know how to present a photo in an interesting way? To do this, it is enough to scatter the details without getting hung up on the idea.


    1. Hidden meaning.

    My favorite type of photo framing. For example: coffee with orange flavor. To do this, in the photo we use coffee with a ripe orange.

    Скрытый смысл

    1. A game of contrast.

    Photograph a darker object against a light background, and a lighter object against a dark one.

    Игра на контрасте

    1. Along the lines.

    Lines in an image are an effective way to brighten up your frame.

    When working with horizontal or vertical lines, pay attention to the lines, they should be clear and straight.

    По линиям

    And don’t forget the props! Each photo shoot is a completely new experience of creating something new and unique. Even if you have only a few backgrounds, don’t get upset, because with the help of props you can create a huge number of staged shots.

    TIP: Use the hands in the photo. They will allow you to add the effect of presence and enliven the photo.

    For example: You reach out for a cup of aromatic coffee.

    To implement the idea of subject photography, it is necessary to observe the integrity of the composition and the continuity of the semantic meaning of the combined objects.

    Basic Rules for Successful Snapshots

    When approaching the shooting of the subject:

    • do not miss the little things;
    • take your time;
    • turn on your imagination, look from inside the object;
    • spare no time.

    You are not leading nature, not man, there is no arbitrary change in light, no change in facial expressions. Here you are the boss, manage your time, make sure that the result is pleasing to the eye!

    Do one arrangement, take a couple of shots, change the position of the composition, take new shots.

    Maxi-mini approach to photography

    It will be of great help to work with a macro lens, it will perfectly fit in the implementation of your idea of subject shooting, to highlight the smallest details in the picture. In the absence of a special lens, you can try to use the macro mode on the camera. The likelihood of a high-quality close-up of your object is greatly increased.

    Inspired by painting

    The work is going on, but there is no shot? There are no hopeless situations. Seek help from the priceless masterpieces of the Renaissance. Google to the rescue, find immortal creations on the net.

    A study of century-old still lifes will give you ideas for product photography, how to refine your composition, betraying strength and energy.

    And also get inspired by other people’s pictures on Instagram, Pinterest, follow other people’s tags, but most importantly, do not copy them.

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    Put ideas into practice

    Clothing and footwear

    Open your goods from the front, and from the wrong side. Let me touch, smell the leather of new shoes, the velvety coat. Make branded tags, open them separately. Take pictures of the details, make several options:

    • present fasteners;
    • give a look at the decorative elements, buttons;
    • help to feel the texture of the material;
    • do not bypass the beautiful packaging, focus on it, they meet it;
    • use flat fly layouts (compositions of several items) with the obligatory addition of stylish components for the decor, but without overtightening the accent.

    одежда и обувь

    Decor and dishes

    When shooting household items, make the photos cozy. Add warmth to the frame with details from life – light candles, fill a cup with tart tea, leave slippers in the corner of the frame.

    Give the opportunity to touch with a glance, to feel objects, to understand the proportions relative to each other. A potential buyer must perceive the size and configuration of the chair, tray. Let you feel the real scale in the surrounding decoration.

    To demonstrate dishes, give the full texture:

    • wooden saw cuts with a rough surface;
    • luminous noble porcelain;
    • matte devices without the slightest reflection;
    • the roughness and cleanliness of the clay bowl.

    Let the client hear their wishes, which will awaken your picture.

    Декор и посуда

    Decorations and accessories for product photography

    • The easiest way to present a product is to connect it to the body. On the hand, the bracelet comes to life, on the neck the tangible size of the necklace is clear.
    • When demonstrating the power of jewelry and the importance of accessories, don’t miss out on the details. Shoot from different angles, use perspective, show clasps, hidden pockets, chain links. Let the picture reveal all the details.
    • Leave the background “free”, without the slightest claim to participation. Leave everything that accentuates your product, no more. The background remains featureless – paper, cold concrete, basalt in gray, white, pastel shades.

    Украшения и аксессуары


    • The picture will not help to convey the taste, aroma of melon, but it can reveal it in the frame. Show the structure of the product, how dense it is, carrying moisture or drying to a pleasant crunch, or maybe the most delicate velvet.
    • Be sure to capture the structure of the dish. Show the ingredients. Convey maximum information through a picture about the products that make up the meal.
    • Show all the cooking steps. The cooking process is looking forward to the result. The reflection of the details shows the accessibility of the dish and the originality of the products.
    • Do not avoid arbitrary compositional decisions, there is no algorithm here. Use minimalism and geometry. With food, experiments are also possible!

    TIP: Use cut fruits and vegetables, which look much more appetizing and juicy than whole ones.



    • Strive to submit the composition of the product – cream, mascara, lipstick. Let the frame come to life, let it become tangible.
    • The buyer must see the composition, feel it. Throw in the picture the elements included in it, play with graphics. Such an action will help to reveal the aroma of perfume. Show what is in the ascending stream – the taste of what fruits, the smell of flowers, spices and herbs.
    • Show the product as an integral part of the rich environment. Offer it in an unusual combination. Tell in the frame – your product, it is part of the surrounding world.


    Product photography and its implementation depends on practice. Do not be afraid to experiment, shoot more, try new light, color, angles. Each time your pictures will capture more and more. Make sure the picture makes you happy. Then the client will feel the warmth and life of the footage. The result comes with time. Get emotions from professional works. Skills and experience will lead you to the desired effect. The road will be mastered by the walking one!


    Subject photography – what is it?

    Product photography is shooting in which the photographer focuses on photographing individual objects or objects. Unlike portrait or landscape photography, product photography involves creating images in which subjects become the protagonists and the focus of attention.

    What props are needed for subject photography?

    For product photography, various props may be required depending on the specific task and objects being photographed. However, some common props may include studio lighting, backdrops or backdrops, props or object holders, various accessories such as mirrors, glasses or fabrics to create interesting reflections or effects. In addition, a tripod or other camera stabilization device can be an important prop for product photography to ensure that images are clear and stable.

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