Techniques for working with text or how to strengthen a selling text?

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    Once you’ve written the body, adding an introduction, lead line, and calls to action, think about ways to make your sales copy even stronger. For amplification, the following methods are usually used.
    Как усилить продающий текст?

    Techniques for working with text

    • Research, facts, figures – they always attract the attention of the reader. The human brain “isolates them” in a special way. You can find facts and figures in the technical specifications of the product by looking at the statistics or by searching the latest scientific research.
    • Expert opinion is a serious argument for a particular product or service. Try to arrange with some expert that he gave at least an oral opinion. Do not forget to get permission for further use, it is better to fix it in writing. It will be good if you add his photo to the expert’s opinion, as well as all the regalia and merits.
    • Free – in some cases, the best option to attract the target audience is to offer something for free or as a gift with the main product. However, there is an important rule in this regard: you should offer potential customers only what they can really use and somehow correlates with your product or service. For example, hairspray as a gift for a hair care kit.
    • Comparison – Sometimes it makes it easier to sell a product or service by comparing it to something similar but less good or perfect. For example, this method is well suited for selling new models of mobile phones.
    • Calculations – you can show the profitability of the offer by breaking down its cost into separate components or by calculating the price for 1 day of use. This technique is well suited for complex services or high-value goods.
    • Merits – there are products that become classics, receive many awards. There are services, the quality of which was also marked by some kind of certificate. If your product or service has such “merits”, do not forget to indicate them in the selling text. For example, it could be “Choice of the Year” or “Quality Seal”.
    • Novelty – there is a large category of people in whose understanding the possession of a new modern gadget or other latest product is a value in itself. Also, thanks to the “new” indication, you can easily draw attention to any product or service, even if you already have similar ones. For example, novelties in the world of household chemicals – new smells of shower gels, shampoos, etc.
    • Images, videos – visual content helps to better present your product or service. In the absence of the opportunity to at least “touch” and “see with your own eyes” through the text, images and videos somehow make it clear what your product is, let you “try” it.
    • Guarantees – with a standard set of warranty obligations, for example, a guarantee for a return or exchange within 14 calendar days, you will not surprise anyone nowadays. The vast majority of potential customers are well aware of their consumer rights. Therefore, this item rather implies additional opportunities and benefits for the buyer when buying or ordering services in your company. For example, in the case of goods, this may be the provision of an extended warranty period for damage to the thing in the event of a fall or fire.
    • Exclusive – owning a special thing warms the soul of most people. That is why handmade products, which could well “sweep” mass-produced goods from the shelves, are still in the price. An example of an exclusive can also be the manufacture of furniture or other items to order, the individualization of a service for a specific customer.
    • Quote from the media – if your product or service was mentioned somewhere in the media, especially if it was popular or expert, add a quote with a link to the source in the selling text. You can use not only printed publications for this, but also refer to video reviews or TV shows.
    • Tables, charts, graphs are a logical continuation of visual content. They attract attention by the fact that they “catch the eye.” They also allow you to make the benefits or benefits of your product or service more obvious and understandable to the target audience.
    • List of Clients – if among your regular Clients or partners there are well-known companies, even in a “narrow circle”, indicate this. This attracts attention and enhances the credibility of the company.
    • Customer Stories – Everyone loves real stories. Especially if they “cling” with similar problems and suggest ways to solve them. Ask your best clients to tell their story or for interviews. Recording it on video is ideal, but text with a photo and name is also fine.
    • Reviews – recommended for mandatory use in texts intended for “cold” and “warm” target audience, for a “hot” target audience this is not so relevant. The peculiarity of working reviews in texts is that they are written by real people who have purchased a product or used a service. Some companies, in an attempt to increase the number of reviews, order them. This is the wrong way, because such tricks are often visible to the naked eye. It would be right to do a survey or call customers to collect data. In this case, both positive and negative feedback will be useful. Do not forget to get permission from the people interviewed to publish their opinion, otherwise you may face a negative reaction and even a lawsuit in the future.

    In the selling text, several of the above techniques can be used at once. But you need to clearly understand which are suitable for your product or service, and which are not. Otherwise, you run the risk of oversaturating the text with information that is useless for the target audience, which will lead to premature completion of reading, and not to a conversion action.

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