How to choose a password manager for business?

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    Protecting sensitive data should be the #1 concern for businesses today, and a password manager can help. This is a great option that allows you to significantly improve the level of security of corporate activities by keeping all access codes in one place. About how it works and why you should use the utility, we tell in the article.

    корпоративный менеджер паролей

    Principle of operation

    A password manager is a special software designed to simplify and secure work with identifiers and other sensitive information. Simply put, this is a combination storage, securely protected by a master password.

    When a manager decides to introduce a service into the work of the company, he primarily pursues one goal – to secure data. To satisfy the request, all utilities work on strong encryption protocols. For example, the symmetric AES-256 algorithm is often used, generating a unique random code on each input. Thanks to him, only the owner of the account can see the information in its original form. Other protocols are also used, such as RSA, PBKDF2 or SHA-256.

    As an additional layer of security, data access requires two-factor authentication or SRP 6A authentication. If earlier this procedure was used only in individual programs, today it is used everywhere.

    менеджер паролей

    In addition to security, user convenience is also important. To make the manager more comfortable to use, they allow you to group combinations using tags and support filters to search for specific sequences.

    Depending on how strict your company’s information retention policy is, you can choose to store your passwords in the cloud or on a physical server.

    Why do you need an online manager?

    In addition to recording passwords, the manager allows you to perform other related tasks. Among them:

    • storage of confidential information – you can enter bank account numbers, PIN codes, personal accounts and other information that requires protection into the program;
    • creating combinations that are difficult to select – most services have a built-in online generator that, according to user-specified parameters, produces unique sequences of letters, numbers and symbols;
    • quick authorization – when you first log into your account on a specific resource, the system remembers the required identifier and then automatically fills in the login forms.

    Please note that the dispatcher can work online and offline. But most users choose an online resource due to its availability, convenience and wider functionality.

    The best online dispatcher for a company

    Not all services are suitable for corporate use because they do not support the required features. Therefore, it is worth choosing a utility for business especially carefully. The cross-platform service with a Russian-language interface and wide capabilities is suitable.

    The utility helps:

    • create unique passwords online;
    • manage employee access to data;
    • save the history of changes in the program;
    • eliminate the risk of information leakage by timely blocking a colleague’s account after dismissal;
    • correctly and safely share combinations with the system or provide temporary access via a link;
    • audit the relevance and safety of sequences, etc.

    лучший менеджер паролей offers two options for business solutions: “cloud” and “box”. In the first case, hosting is located on the program server, and in the second case, on the company’s server. New users can get acquainted with the functionality of the utility for free during the trial period, which will help them decide on further use of the software.

    The system is completely secure and protected from master password guessing. also regularly undergoes a comprehensive audit and penetration testing, which allows you to identify weaknesses in a timely manner and eliminate them.

    Today, the use of such storage is not a whim of management, but a necessity. After all, if you do not care about the protection of information, sooner or later a leak will occur.

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