Buying Cryptocurrency in Ukraine: Rules and Tips

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    You can buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine in a matter of seconds. This requires internet access and free funds.

    Below we have prepared some tips and examples of common mistakes among beginner traders.

    Tips before buying cryptocurrency

    Tip 1

    First of all, you should choose a proven platform where you can both easily buy cryptocurrency and easily withdraw funds, for example, to your credit card. You can buy cryptocurrency on the following platforms:

    • decentralized cryptocurrency exchange;
    • centralized cryptocurrency exchange;
    • P2P platform;
    • online exchanger;
    • offline exchanger;
    • terminal.

    Beginners are recommended to use the services of the second platform – a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. After all, on it you can not only place an order by replenishing the balance, but also get acquainted on the site itself with a detailed description of the actions that can be performed with cryptocurrency: buy, sell, withdraw, exchange, open a staking plan, understand margin trading, etc. In addition, this crypto exchange will be responsible for the safety of the user’s funds.

    Tip 2

    Immediately check on the cryptocurrency trading platform if fiat is supported there, which will be convenient to use when depositing and withdrawing, and if there is a language selection option on the site that you know. At these moments, the Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange already has 2 significant advantages for us.

    Tip 3

    For trading, choose several types of cryptocurrencies. This way, you won’t be nervous if the price of one of them drops sharply.

    Как обеспечить безопасность криптовалюты?

    What are the common mistakes users make when trading cryptocurrencies?

    Below are examples of the most common mistakes among beginners when trading cryptocurrency:

    Mistake 1

    Buying or selling cryptocurrencies without analyzing the total market capitalization of virtual currencies.

    Mistake 2

    Waiting for the maximum rise in the cryptocurrency rate or, conversely, a fall. Due to the fact that the value of the cryptocurrency changes every second, after 15 minutes of the growth of the currency, it may begin to fall sharply. Therefore, it is better to increase your funds gradually on a small exchange rate difference than to lose, expecting a big jump.

    Mistake 3

    Postponing cryptocurrency trading in anticipation of the perfect moment, which in reality simply does not exist. We write in Google search: cryptocurrency in Ukraine: buy, select a platform, follow the recommendations for registering on it and place an order.

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