Features of translation of business documents for business

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    Translation of documents is one of the main areas of work of a professional translation agency. This type of work with foreign texts has a number of features and nuances on the implementation of which the final result depends.

    An incorrect interpretation of a particular term or an incorrect translation of a proper name or address can lead to huge financial losses or entail fines and penalties. It is for this reason that translators working on the translation of documents simultaneously have basic knowledge in the field of economics, law and finance – https://profpereklad.ua/en/finansovyj-perevod/. The most common language pair is Russian-English. In the past few years, the demand for translation from Spanish and Chinese has increased.

    написание текстов за деньги

    Most often, business translation customers are legal entities. Their relationship with the translation agency must be contractual. This document describes the rights and obligations of each of the parties with the obligatory clarification of the timing of the work.

    When working on the translation of business documents, the first thing a translator should do is proofreading. He carefully reads the text in the original until he fully understands its meaning. It highlights the terms that are the most difficult to translate, as well as those words that do not need translation.

    When translating documents, no free interpretation and expression of the translator’s own opinion is allowed. His task is to interpret the text from one language to another, fully preserving the original meaning and, if possible, the style of the document.

    It is important not only to translate the text correctly, but also to preserve its structure. In the event that the translated sentence has approximately the same number of words as the original, this greatly facilitates perception. The same applies to the very structure of the text – paragraphs, lists, subheadings. It should be borne in mind that in the case of translation from Eastern languages, it is almost impossible to achieve complete identity.

    Another point that a translator should pay attention to is the peculiarities of writing dates and numbers in different languages. So, in Russian speech, the digits in a number are separated by a space (starting with five-digit numbers), and tenths are separated by a comma. In English grammar, a comma is used to separate digits, and a period is used for tenths. The same goes for writing dates. In Russian, when writing dates, the number (date) is put first, then the month, and in American English, the month comes first. Confusion in this matter will lead to discrepancies in the documents.

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