Proper placement of the router for an excellent wi-fi signal

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    Each router has a specific coverage area. It is in the range of 30–70 m. The quality of the connection between the distributing Internet router and the receiver is affected by the distance separating these devices, as well as the presence of various interferences. Placement of the router, taking into account certain rules, will provide a strong signal throughout the house. How to place a router so that the connection quality is always excellent – in the material below.

    Правильне розміщення роутера

    Router Placement: General Recommendations

    In order for the coverage area of ​​the router to be maximum, several rules must be observed:

    • choose a place on a hill (on a wall (level 1-2 m), table, pedestal, shelf);
    • place the router in the corridor or in the central room;
    • eliminate interference in the form of two walls or a supporting structure between the router and receivers.

    To ensure an excellent signal, it is important to follow a few guidelines. Choose reliable and high-quality wi-fi routers, as well as take into account the circumstances that reduce the coverage area. These include: placing the device too high (on the ceiling) or low (on the floor), fixing the router in niches or behind ledges (other partitions), near radiators and electrical appliances (TV, microwave).

    How to increase the range of a wi-fi network: additional devices

    In some cases, it is not possible to place the router correctly. This may be hindered by a non-standard layout of the apartment or too large an area of ​​the house. In this case, it is necessary to use additional devices that solve the coverage problem. These include:

    • Repeater. This is a repeater that amplifies the signal of the router. You need to install it where there is a wi-fi zone, but the coverage no longer provides sufficient Internet speed. The task of the device is to expand the network, that is, to transmit the signal further. The simplest repeater is a standard router that connects to a live device.
    • More powerful antennas. You need to buy those that have 8 dBi gain. However, it will not be possible to significantly increase the coverage area in this way. More powerful antennas will only slightly increase the signal quality.
    • Router of a different model. You don’t have to buy a more expensive router. It is optimal that 5 GHz be supported. The secret is that most modern routers operate in the 2.4 GHz band, so there is a lot of interference, and network stability in this case is not easy to achieve. You can choose a reliable and high-quality router at an affordable price with the required characteristics in the Allo online store.

    The quality of the router is also affected by the conditions in which it is located. Do not block the device with other objects or block the ventilation openings. Sometimes it is enough to move or rotate the router a little to improve or degrade the signal quality. Such moments should be treated with special attention.

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