How to write sales posts on Instagram?

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What is a “sales post”?

The term “selling post” in SMM is a publication on social networks, which has the main goal of selling a product or service and attracting customers. There are several types of them:

Advertisements of an advertising nature (sell/buy);
Posts where a promotion is held for buyers;
Promotional posts informing about discounts (read also: 30 types of discounts for all occasions).

What to look for when creating a selling post on Instagram?

Selling posts in the context of Instagram should be considered in a special way, since the main goal of netizens is to view photos and communicate with each other. This determines the style of writing – posts that are written in simple, easy language (with a friendly appeal to the buyer), as well as accompanied by high-quality, attention-grabbing photography, are successful.

There are also technical requirements for posts that cannot be bypassed:

  • The size of the publication should not exceed 2200 characters with spaces;
  • The number of hashtags under the post cannot be added more than 30;
  • Photos must not contain erotic materials, inadmissible, illegal scenes.

It is necessary to start forming the image of posts for an insta-shop by studying similar materials from direct competitors – it is necessary to analyze the strengths and weaknesses, take this into account when writing publications.

We form the text of the selling post on Instagram

When a user scrolls through the Instagram feed, he sees not only a photo, but also a short description. It’s three lines, 60-65 characters long with spaces, ending with a “more” link. When you click on it, the post will expand and the user will have access to the full text. Thus, in this volume it is necessary to contain the most important essence of the publication, and in such a format that the client wants to read to the end. General rules for this:

  • The title should be catchy, catch the attention of the target audience, there should be “virality”, but without busting;
  • If it is not possible to make a viral headline for a product or service, then the effect gives a short description of the benefits (it is advisable to add numbers here);
  • Keep track of the length of the title – the first lines fit 65 characters with spaces.

Here are a few examples of a sales post on Instagram – notice how real companies take into account all the requirements and unobtrusively promote the product:

продающий пост в инстаграм, пример

Separately, let’s talk about the length of the post itself – what it should be. Contrary to popular belief, the length directly depends on the tasks for which this post is written:

  • Posts up to 500 characters long without spaces are intended for customers who are already familiar with the product (called a “hot audience”) and there is no need to repeatedly remind them in detail about the characteristics.
  • Posts of 500-1500 characters without spaces are suitable for customers who have heard about the product, but are not yet familiar with it. It is understood that with such a volume, the post will fully introduce the product.
  • Posts of 1500 characters or more are usually suitable for presenting a product to customers who are not familiar with it at all (this is a “cold audience”).

10 tips for writing a sales post on Instagram

Try to put yourself in the place of a typical store buyer and try to form a post in such a way that you want to buy the product yourself. This will help adhere to the principles:

  1. The client needs to know what benefits and benefits he will receive by choosing this product – focus on this.
  2. A good marketer does not sell a product, but the emotions that it carries. For example, not a “linen shirt”, but “a light summer shirt that perfectly emphasizes the contours of the figure.”
  3. Add information about how to place an order and how the delivery is going.
  4. Eliminate the use of complex, unreadable words and terms – the style is simple, easy, friendly.
  5. Do not hesitate to use scarcity tricks – indicate in the description that only 3 pieces are left in stock or the discount is valid only today and tomorrow.
  6. A good sales post ends with a call to action (this is called “call to action”).
  7. The text should be proofread, syntactical and grammatical errors excluded.
  8. Divide text into paragraphs, use emoji for accents, add hashtags.
  9. For a catchy headline, the effect is a review from another buyer. Make a repost with the text “Do you want the same dress? To place an order…”
  10. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer from your audience – constantly ask yourself “Why do I need this product?”, “Why should I buy it in this particular store?”.

Following these tips will allow you to write a full-fledged selling post that will confidently work for the target audience, bringing a good conversion rate.

Does photography play a role in the sale?

The answer to this question can be the only and unambiguous – “Yes, it does.” Instagram is a place where people first of all want to watch, then read, and, as a last resort, buy. In the first 2-3 seconds, the user evaluates the general appearance of the post, and at this time he forms the final purchase decision.

The photograph must be of good quality and visually pleasing. It is recommended to refuse amateur photos. For each specific publication, you should think about exposure, lighting and a favorable angle. It will be even better if you use professional equipment for this.

The photo should be relevant to the content of the post – if we sell skateboards, then it is best to present an image of one of the models in the photo, which characterizes its characteristics. You can add an inscription, but it should also be harmonious and not distract the buyer’s attention too much.

It will be nice if the photo has a WOW effect. These are, as a rule, unusual compositions or a bewitching look. Going back to the skateboard example, this would be a picture of a skater with a model being promoted on top of a skyscraper.

How to make a selling post on Instagram? Action algorithm

Let’s summarize the article and formulate a step-by-step algorithm, acting on the points of which, you can write a good selling post:

  • We choose a photo that will catch the attention of the client and corresponds to the theme.
  • We formulate a headline that will grab attention after the first viewing.
  • We write the post itself, taking into account information about the product, benefits, and information about the purchase and delivery.
  • Don’t forget to create a block with a call to action.
  • We dilute the text with emoji and hashtags.

If these rules are followed, selling posts will attract a good flow of buyers. You need to approach writing seriously and thoughtfully, you can also attract third-party specialists to write the text and shoot.