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    Odoo system

    Business needs modern information tools to conduct its activities. Companies often use several software solutions, which requires their constant support and exchange between them. The use of ERP level systems allows you to bring all the data into a single information field.

    Solutions from the Belgian company Odoo S.A. allows you to maintain management accounting and enterprise management, and also provides functionality that greatly expands business opportunities.

    System Capabilities

    One of the advantages of using the Odoo system is the integrated website of the company with the possibility of expanding it into an online store.

    Можливості системи

    The system interface allows using the built-in web page editor to create a site structure and add the necessary content without resorting to the services of developers.

    конструктор сайтів

    The number of existing blocks and elements in the editor will be enough to build a modern site with interactive design with minimal resource consumption. For additional site functionality, you can purchase modules in the Odoo application market or order the development of functionality specific to your company from an official Odoo partner.

    Website based on Odoo

    Using the Odoo system, a company can quickly organize a blog, add a page with questions and answers, launch an online store, activate the built-in chat on the site.

    Сайт компанії на базі Odoo

    Сайт компанії на базі Odoo, приклад

    For some types of business, the functionality of posting company vacancies or registering and selling tickets to events is useful. The ability to create online courses for training clients or company employees is implemented in the system by the appropriate application.

    SEO promotion

    The Odoo system provides basic functionality for SEO promotion of website pages. You can add meta tags titile, description, keywords, select images for social networks.

    модуль SEO просування

    But for better promotion, it is recommended to use additional Odoo modules that expand the SEO potential of the system. So, modules from Garazd Creation solve issues with adding markup, organize the correct structure of Breadcrumbs blocks, improve the functionality of robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.

    Modules, developed in cooperation with a professional marketing agency, provide the necessary SEO properties of a site based on the Odoo system.


    To increase sales and analyze the behavior of site visitors, the Odoo system offers a connection to the Google Analytics 4 analytical system. The basic functionality provides a minimal set of information for analysis, but can be significantly expanded using the Odoo “eCommerce Google Analytics 4” module. It helps marketers set up conversions and correctly analyze and plan advertising campaigns in Google Ads.

    To connect Facebook (Meta) Pixel, there is also a solution that allows you to add the necessary functionality without involving developers. This application allows you to analyze the behavior of registered Facebook users on your website and use it when planning a Facebook advertising campaign.


    The Odoo system, as a modern ERP-level information system, provides a wide range of functionality both for business management and for scaling the company’s capabilities. It allows, among other things, to launch a company website and implement eCommerce solutions, thus providing another sales channel. In this case, the use of ready-made Odoo modules for SEO site promotion is a reasonable decision. This will save time and speed up the promotion of the Internet resource.

    Author: Yuri Razumovsky is the founder and head of Garadz Creation. Member of the OCA association, member of the Odoo Ukraine community, official partner of Odoo.

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