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    In a world where information moves at the speed of light and social networks have become an integral part of our daily lives, it is important to have control over what is said about you in the media and online. Media and social media monitoring services provide unique opportunities to track and analyze your online presence. In this article, we will look at how the LOOQME service can be useful for you or your business.

    Why do we need to monitor the media and social networks?

    1. Online reputation is more important than you think

    In today’s world, your online reputation can be critical to the success of your business or personal image. Negative comments and news can affect the perception of you or your company among customers, investors and partners.

    1. Quick access to information

    Mass media and social networks are places where information spreads instantly. Monitoring services help you keep abreast of all mentions of you or your company in real time.

    1. Evaluation of competitors

    It is equally important to keep track of what your competitors are saying. This can provide you with valuable information on how to improve your market position.

    How do monitoring services work?

    1. Data collection

    Monitoring services scan the internet, including news sites, blogs, and social media, looking for mentions of your name or brand.

    1. Analysis and categorization

    Once the data is collected, the services analyze and categorize the information, helping you easily find key trends and mentions.

    1. Notifications and reports

    You receive notifications of new mentions and regular reports on how your online presence is changing over time.

    Overview of the service for monitoring media and social networks LOOQME

    Сервис для мониторинга СМИ и соцсетей

    LOOQME is an ecosystem of solutions designed to track and evaluate the information activity of brands, companies and individuals on the Internet, in traditional media and social networks. Media monitoring and deep analysis of communications allows the service to achieve its main goal – to become a growth driver for your business.

    LOOQME main products:

    • LOOQME Hub is a communications monitoring and analytics platform. This tool collects, structures and visualizes the information flow, making it understandable and convenient for analysis.
    • MyNews Bot is a Telegram bot that provides alerts about media mentions, allowing you to keep abreast and quickly respond to news.
    • LOOQME R-index is an indicator that shows the level of trust in the brand and its visibility in the media and social networks. The reputation index reflects the impact of communications on business results.
    • Industry Watcher is a tool for market benchmarks, competitor analysis and industry research.

    The service monitors over 45,000 sources and has over 300 clients worldwide. The company also provides free demo access to test its products.

    Benefits of using a media and social media monitoring service

    1. Effective crisis management

    When a crisis occurs, quick access to information and analysis helps you make quick decisions and respond to negative events.

    1. Improving Your Marketing Strategy

    Analysis of mentions in the media and social networks helps to determine which marketing strategies are working and which need improvement.

    1. Maintaining customer loyalty

    Tracking customer feedback and responding to their needs can help build relationships with your audience.


    Media and social media monitoring services are a powerful tool for managing your online reputation and growing your business. Don’t miss the opportunity to control what people say about you online.


    What sources can be tracked using monitoring services?

    Monitoring services can track news sites, social networks, blogs, forums, and many other online sources.

    How long does it take for the monitoring service to analyze the data?

    Analysis time depends on the amount of data, but modern services usually process information very quickly, providing you with up-to-date results.

    Can I customize the monitoring service for specific keywords?

    Yes, you can set the service to track specific keywords and phrases to keep you up to date on everything that interests you.

    What are the benefits of monitoring services for small businesses?

    For small businesses, monitoring services can help reduce marketing costs and improve customer service, which drives growth.

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