How much does a copywriter really earn?

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    If you are a novice copywriter or just want to become one, then you probably wondered about making money. How much will I earn working for myself? And in a year? And if I get a job in an agency or a company? Answers to such questions are below.

    So how much does a copywriter really earn?

    We will conditionally divide the levels of earnings of a copywriter into 3 steps.


    A beginner can be considered someone who recently learned that you can make money on the Internet and registered on one or more copywriting exchanges.

    The approximate cost of the work of such a “copywriter” is $ 0.5-1 per 1000 characters. “Success” is considered orders with a payment of $ 3 / 1000 characters.

    Although such fees seem modest, you can still earn good money even at such rates.

    Let’s say you have several regular customers who pay $1/1000 characters. That is, work for every day is provided. I consider 20,000 characters per day as the acceptable volume. In total, you can earn 20 * $1 = $20 per day, or 5 * $20 = $100 per week, or 4 * $100 = $400 per month.

    Yes, the money is small. But compare how much such a copywriter earns and an ordinary hard worker in the Ukrainian or Russian outback.

    What to do to become a beginner copywriter:

    • Register on freelance exchanges:,,,, etc.
    • Get yourself electronic wallets WebMoney and YandexMoney.
    • Learn how to work on the stock exchanges.
    • Understand some copywriting terms.
    • Be patient and start working.

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    Specialists include people who have worked as copywriters for at least 1-2 years.

    To grow professionally, you need to replenish your knowledge base. Therefore, a specialist should read professional literature and improve his skills. Only then will he be able to raise prices for his services.

    Specialists most often earn $7-15/1000 characters. Let’s say a copywriter asks $5 for 1,000 characters and has enough orders to complete 10,000 per day. So, 10 * $5 = $50 per day, 5 * $50 = $250 per week, 4 * $250 = $1000 per month. It comes out pretty good.

    What to do to become a specialist:

    • Read professional literature. Don’t limit yourself to copywriting books. Read books on SEO, marketing, sales, psychology. I am sure that all this will help to write convincing texts. If you are engaged in articles in any narrow subject, then you constantly replenish your knowledge in this industry as well.
    • Read blogs, attend master classes and trainings of eminent copywriters.
    • Work for quality, not quantity.
    • Make sure you have regular customers. So you can spend more time writing texts, and not looking for clients.
    • Promote your brand. Make a blog and regularly write posts on copywriting and related topics, create social media profiles, write an article in thematic media, etc. Read more: “Effective personal brand promotion strategies”.

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    If you look at the top performers on, you can see that the earnings of a top copywriter can be $1500-3000 per month.

    Masters can take $150-300 for 1 article. And it’s not that they write beautifully, but that their texts can increase sales. Practical business owners understand that a one-time investment of $250 can bring them thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. That’s why they pay so much money to master copywriters.

    Gurus of selling texts earn not only by writing texts. In addition, they trade and sell educational materials on copywriting (books, trainings, master classes), participate in affiliate programs.

    The main trump card of the masters is their experience. Thanks to him, they are able to earn $ 2000-4000 monthly.

    It is not uncommon for copywriters to open their own advertising agencies.

    What you need to do to become a master:

    • Gain a successful experience in sales with the help of text.
    • Be an established brand.
    • Become a specialist not only in copywriting, but also in sales, marketing and online marketing.

    Work in a company/agency

    Recently, the research center of the portal published information about the offers of employers and the expectations of applicants for the position of copywriter in 12 cities of Russia.

    From which we can conclude that the average salary in Russia is $ 560 per month.

    So, we conclude that the profession of a copywriter is promising, interesting, in demand and, most importantly, profitable!

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