End-to-end analytics: what will be useful to you

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End-to-end analytics, which blew up the digital tools market a few years ago, stirred up the minds of everyone involved in marketing. But the first steps only resembled clumsy attempts. The role of end-to-end analytics was more often grasped intuitively. And not everyone was ready at that time to face the real reality, promising global changes.

Gradually, an understanding came of how to correctly operate with data. Now marketers and entrepreneurs are able to adjust the work of individual areas and even divisions, which promises undeniable growth. This article will help you decide whether you need end-to-end analytics at this stage of business development or not.

What is end-to-end analytics

This is a set of digital tools that help evaluate the result of investments in advertising in the context of purchases made by customers. End-to-end analytics collects information from all sources simultaneously – from phone calls, CRM and advertising accounts.

Сквозная аналитика

It can be put more simply: end-to-end analytics traces the path of every ruble invested in the promotion of the company. You get a clear answer – whether your investment in advertising paid off and to what extent. End-to-end analytics combines key data:

  • budget spent on promotion;
  • information from the database – CRM;
  • information from the call tracking system.

Based on this, a cost and profit report is generated. Important – in the context, you can track an individual client or product (service). This fact confirms the need to use such a tool by those companies that are even partially represented in the e-comm segment.

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The meaning of the introduction of end-to-end analytics

No matter what scenario your business develops, end-to-end analytics will definitely cope with the task of total control. But the emphasis is usually placed on three areas – the key goals of its implementation.

  1. Determining the return on investment in promotion. End-to-end analytics analyzes the effectiveness of advertising by collecting data from placement sites, integrating it with information from CRM. Here you can determine the level of demand for a particular product, the impact of seasonality on sales, find ways to attract a client from digital advertising.
  2. Quality control of the work of sales specialists, consultants and call center. End-to-end analytics integrates not only customer information from CRM and advertising platforms, but also phone call data. Even the nuances are determined here: who called, on what day, how the negotiations ended – a timeout or a sale. Listening to conversations allows you to judge the competence of the operator and the level of customer service, the quality of the use of scripts.
  3. Identification of the weaknesses of marketing. End-to-end analytics answers numerous questions related to the sale of products. The most popular of them is why sales are not growing. The next one behind him is who is to blame. Find the answer to them – solve the problem.

Either PPC specialists are driving non-targeted leads, or marketers are not polishing the sales funnel that retains potential customers to an ideal state. There can be a lot of options. But the important thing is that end-to-end analytics will definitely help you “get to the bottom” of the truth.