TOP services for YouTube analytics: channel and video statistics

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    The benefits of Youtube video platform for business development are beyond doubt. High-quality videos help promote a product or service, expanding even a highly specialized target audience. Posting a video not only keeps a potential buyer on the page, but also improves behavioral factors.

    Youtube channel statistics is an important indicator that allows you to track the effectiveness of the strategy and adjust it. It is these analytics data that will demonstrate which videos have become popular and which have not lived up to expectations.


    What should be considered as indicators of the effectiveness of commercials?

    Business promotion depends on many factors, you can not focus only on one-sided data, because they will not give a qualitative description. Statistics on Youtube should be viewed as a whole. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to its dynamics, preferably in comparison with competitors.

    An approximate list of metrics for qualitative channel statistics analytics:

    1. Time and number of views. Not only the number of video impressions for subscribers will be important, but also how long they lasted. Until recently, the performance indicator was the number of views, but now an important parameter is how long the visitor watched the video, as this indicates engagement. It doesn’t matter how many times the videos were launched on the channel, what matters is how long they did it in time.
    2. The number of subscribers. To conduct channel analytics, it is important to look at the total number of those who follow its development. Steady but steady growth of subscribers is one of the signs of prosperity. If their number has increased too quickly, this indicates cheating or successful PR campaigns. When the number of subscribers is rapidly reduced, the reputation of the business is in danger.
    3. The number of spectators. This data is fundamentally different from the total number of YouTube channel followers. Not all of the audience follows the release of the video, but it is able to bring new viewers.
    4. Coverage. This data shows how often the video has been featured in recommendations, searches, and the general YouTube feed.
    5. Audience data. Everything is important here – GEO, age, interests. For example, an audience from the capital costs much more than someone who will watch videos from remote parts of the country.
    6. Involvement. This term refers to any actions of the target audience that views the video on YouTube. The video rating is well influenced by likes, comments and forwarding them to other users. If the involvement is natural, then this becomes a signal for good business development. At the same time, a dislike is not always a bad result. He says that the video on Youtube evokes emotions in the audience, does not go unnoticed.

    An indirect but not useless indicator is the content of the Youtube channel. This refers to the frequency of their release, as well as the number. Subscribers always want to see something new and interesting, regardless of the line of business. Therefore, regular updates are important for YouTube channels. At the same time, it is advisable to adhere to a certain topic that was set during creation. This will help maintain a constant number of views and audience interest.

    Tools for internal analysis of YouTube channel statistics

    There are two ways to view statistics on Youtube – through internal and third-party services. The latter seem much more convenient, but you should not neglect YouTube’s own resources. With their help, you can get the following data for view analytics:

    • viewing time;
    • who is in the audience;
    • main traffic sources, etc.

    The main advantage of your own services is the ability to view all the data for free. YouTube’s internal tools provide conditions for a thorough analysis of not only the channel, but also the quantity and quality of subscriptions. Any user with administrator status can explore these analytics services. You can collect data immediately after the first content is published.

    Youtube Analytics

    The main internal service that allows you to receive data to evaluate not only individual videos, but the entire channel as a whole. In the structure of Youtube Analytics, everything is quite modest. It is available to see the statistics of such a plan:

    • changes related to the number of subscribers;
    • dynamics and viewing time;
    • top videos that have become the best for a certain period of time;
    • how many views a particular video received in a given time.

    Reach data and previews are also available. The main feature of the Youtube Analytics internal service is a kind of conversion rate, which shows how many potential viewers become active followers in a year or another period of time.

    The section of auxiliary analytics “Interest” will help to determine the usefulness of applied tools. You can view statistics on the target audience in the “Audiences” tab. This service data will be especially useful when creating a content plan, as well as when developing a marketing strategy to promote a business.

    Among the shortcomings of Youtube Analytics, there is a lack of the ability to track statistics on likes and comments, compare video groups, and study competitor statistics.

    Third-party browser extensions for analyzing YouTube channel statistics

    To study the analytics of not only your own, but also other people’s channels, you can use special extensions that are present in some browsers. They are capable of many functions: for example, they conduct an accelerated audit of their own resource, as well as the sites of competitors. You don’t have to leave Youtube to get the data. The main thing is to configure the desired plugin in the browser.

    Top popular and useful extensions for analyzing Youtube channel views:

    1. Clever. Powered by channel optimization, available for Google Chrome and Opera users. It analyzes tags, studies their ratings, collects semantics, and even evaluates engagement. Additionally, using the plugin, you can create descriptions for videos on the channel, add template annotations, etc.
    2. VidIQ Vision. Useful extension created for Google Chrome. It audits not only its own channel, but also the resource of competitors. Provides data on engagement, video watch time, dynamics, number of links, etc.
    3. Tubebaddy. A plugin that is similar in functionality to VidIQ Vision. Conducts an audit of its own YouTube resource, and also evaluates competitors. Among the features of the tool are the issuance of statistics on viewing a certain video on the channel, determining the number of subscribers, auditing from the point of view of SEO, etc.

    Basically, extensions are available to browser users for free. Some of them, like TubeBaddy, offer a standard set of features. However, to use auxiliary tools and analyze tags, you need to purchase a paid extension plan. With it, you can access additional useful options.

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    Specialized services for analyzing YouTube channel statistics

    Internal services and browser extensions for auditing your own channels and competitors’ platforms will be useless if you have several platforms to work at once. It is better to manage them with the help of specialized SMM programs. With their application, it is easy to collect data across several channels at once, including the top popular competitors. Additionally, services provide information from other social networks and media platforms.




    The service is a special platform that was able to combine both bloggers and advertisers. Main features in terms of audit and analytics:

    1. Statistics on all important parameters, including engagement, views over a certain period of time, etc.
    2. Issuance of reliable data regarding the characteristics of the target audience, including geolocation and age parameters.
    3. Identification of advertising rates, sample content, and reviews.

    In addition, the service guarantees the security of the transaction, since it is an exchange platform with strict control by the administration. The Epictars database contains more than 120 thousand sites of various social networks, which allows you to make a really deep analysis of the effectiveness of the adopted business promotion strategy.

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    Video analytics service on Youtube Live Dune, created by Russian developers. Evaluates not only YouTube, but also blogs of opinion leaders on other media platforms. Compiles the top 100 popular channels of the video platform, while showing the number of subscribers and the number of views for a certain time.

    The functionality of the service includes the following data:

    • Tracking other people’s advertising campaigns;
    • Checking other bloggers for cheating;
    • Youtube statistics on target audience, as well as views and likes for a certain time;
    • Collecting comments that are relevant to communities and accounts.

    The service is paid, its cost depends on the set of desired options. The maximum package of functions for data collection will cost about 10 thousand rubles. You can get a detailed analysis immediately after registration.



    Another Russian service that collects data from several media platforms at once. JagaJam is more focused on brands, so it is considered very useful when starting a business from scratch. The service for collecting data is paid, its cost starts from 4900 rubles.

    Among the features of JagaJam is a report on the dynamics of views, subscribers, the number of new followers, coverage for a certain time. In addition, he evaluates the effectiveness of communication with the target audience, and also sets indicators that allow you to conduct a competitive analysis and draw up marketing strategies.

    Fanpage Karma

    Fanpage Karma

    Foreign Fanpage Karma determines the best types and formats of content, and also suggests the optimal time for posting new videos. Evaluates business accounts of YouTube and other social networks according to changes in criteria over time – response rate, engagement, reach, etc.

    Collecting data through Fanpage Karma costs from $150 per month. Initially, the service was focused exclusively on Facebook, but now the developers have significantly expanded its capabilities.


    A Russian platform that can collect data from 13 social platforms. The service requires mandatory registration, after which you must specify the channel URL. Popsters features include:

    1. Details for each video, including views over time, likes, comments.
    2. General channel data: The most useful of these are the activity graphs.
    3. A video rating that was compiled with a focus on visitor engagement.

    A convenient functionality of the Popsters platform is the ability to filter the displayed data ratings. The service offers a sufficient number of easy-to-understand charts that can be saved in various formats. Popsters is paid, the cost of use starts from 399 rubles for 30 days.

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    What are rating services for?

    To build an effective strategy when promoting a Youtube channel, it is impossible not to focus on competitors who have achieved some success in a given niche. The process of tracking someone else’s activities is simplified using special rating services. They offer to conduct “surveillance” for free.

    The most popular bases of promoted YouTube channels that belong to the successful segment:

    • Socialblade: it has over 20 million channels in its database;
    • Whatstat offers about 7500 Youtube sites for analysis.

    As a rule, the statistics of such services include the dynamics of views and subscribers over time, an assessment of the activities of channels, and the number of published videos.

    When choosing tools for researching site data on YouTube, it is important to use not only external, but also internal services. It is especially convenient to use third-party plugins if the business is promoted not only through the video platform, but also through instant messengers and other social networks. Properly collected statistics will allow you to give a full description of the audience, as well as adjust the strategy in order to attract more subscribers who are ready to take targeted actions and increase income from business activities.

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