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    Several cps testing tools are launched. The main purpose of using this tool is to check how many clicks you can make in a second.

    If you haven’t tried this cps testing tool yet, now is the time to do so. From its results, you can know exactly how fast you can click.

    Without a doubt, a quick tap remains a must, whether you’re a specialist or a pro-level gamer. If you click very slowly, trust us, you will be the last one to submit your office assignment or finish the game.

    All about cps test

    As we already mentioned, this important point is that you can test your click ability with the cps testing tool. You can even consider it as a training tool. A touchpad is provided, here you can click multiple times and compare your before and after results.

    Cps Test

    Step by step guide to use cps test

    1. The first and foremost step is that you have to install the cps counter tool on your personal computer.
    2. Now open it, access the touchpad and select the time period you want to evaluate! You can click on 10 Second Clicker Test or 50 Second Clicker Test, the choice is yours.
    3. Click on the start button.
    4. Make as many clicks as possible in the appropriate time frame.
    5. Click on the result button and you will find out how many clicks you made in the specified period of time.
    6. That’s it, this is the main way to use the cps tester.

    Quick Click Tips

    Below you can see the best tips to help you click fast. Use these tips and you will see how much your clicks per second will change:

    Learn pressing technique

    Learning pressing technique remains a must! This is the best and most natural way to increase your velocity. We have drag and drop, butterfly click and other methods like today. These methods force you to learn how to engage the muscles in your hands, fingers, and click in the fastest possible way.

    Invest in a high quality gaming mouse

    We know that gamers need a fast click. Playing games with a traditional mouse or using a laptop pad to click is the biggest mistake you make. It is suggested to invest in a high-end gaming mouse model. Such models provide a fast click. Follow this tip and then take the click test!

    Correct hand position during click

    The correct position of the hands during the click is essential. Also, relax your muscles. It is because of the tension in the muscles that your pressing speed becomes slow. Always keep your fingers very close to the mouse. So you can instantly click without any delay. By following this advice while performing cps clicker you will get a high score.

    To learn more about the cps test, stay tuned and contact us.

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